Rescue Dogs Rock is begging for help today on the behalf of a poor little boy who cannot ask for help himself!

Poor little Chip was surrendered by his owner to a high-kill shelter in Texas. And though we understand that sometimes circumstances mean people think they can no longer cope with their pets, this awful, irresponsible person abandoned Chip when he most needed to be cared for, leaving him in a terrible state!


Chip has been neglected and left to suffer for so long that he is completely hairless in places. He has a painful skin condition as a result of being left with fleas and ticks that have eaten their way through his skin from the inside! And on top of this, as if it weren’t enough, he is weak and frail, and it’s probably been a while since this poor little boy had a good meal. Who in their right mind could leave an animal to get like this?

Chip needs immediate transportation to one of Rescue Dogs Rock‘s veterinary partners for vital, life-saving medical care. He deserves every chance at survival and a second chance in life after being treated so terribly. We need Chip to know that not all humans are this unkind and cruel. He deserves a loving forever home with lots of love and snuggles, but before that can happen, he needs time to recoup and recover.


No animal deserves to be neglected. When we decide to take an animal into our homes, it is our duty to protect and care for them, whether they are fussy eaters, need extra walks, or in the case of Chip, require medical treatment to stop them getting even more sick! What sense is there to leave a dog to suffer when a quick visit to a vet could have prevented so much of what Chip is suffering with now? There is no sense or excuse at all!


Rescue Dogs Rock works tirelessly to help dogs like Chip, raising awareness of the ever-growing plight of homeless animals in this country, both in shelters and those dumped on our streets. To donate towards the medical care Chip needs, or to find out more about their incredible work, please check out their Facebook page.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock