There’s nothing that comes close to the warm feeling you get when you finally get home after a long day and your dog is there to greet you at the door. Young or old, energetic or reserved, they’re always ready to greet you with a happy face and a wagging tail — and all they ask for is a little bit of playtime, a walk, and a belly full of treats and food. That being said, many of us pet parents can’t wrap our minds around why anybody would decide to abandon a companion animal whose unconditional love is infectious. Sadly, abandonment and pet homelessness is a huge problem. It’s estimated that over 70 million stray animals live in the U.S. alone, and a large majority of these animals once had families. If those animals could speak, how many of them would tell us that they once had a human who they loved?

According to Animal Lighthouse Rescue, this is exactly what happened to Lily, the dog in the photo below. We don’t know the story behind why Lily’s former guardian decided to leave her in the woods, but it was clear that they had no intentions of coming back for her. Left all alone with nothing but a t-shirt and a crate, Lily remained glued to the spot for weeks, loyally awaiting the return of her beloved human. Lucky for this poor pup, she was discovered by a kind-hearted woman who kept her well-fed until she was taken in by Animal Lighthouse Rescue.


It’s heartbreaking to imagine how even after weeks of waiting, Lily never gave up hope that her former guardian would come back for her.



Now up for adoption, Animal Lighthouse Rescue reports that this two-year-old pup may be timid, but she’s “pure happy lovebug.” They also note that she gets along well with other dogs and loves all people, so the perfect home for Lily would be one where she can be everyone’s best friend. If Lily sounds like the dog of your dreams, you can fill out an application for adoption here.

If you’re considering welcoming a pet into your home, please keep in mind dogs like Lily, who once had a home, but lost it. This sweet pup’s story is just one of the many reasons why we should always remember to adopt and never shop. When you adopt, you’re saving more than just one life; you’re also freeing space in the shelter for other pets who are looking for their forever home.


We hope that Lily finds her new family soon — this cute little dog has a lot of love to give.

All image source: Lighthouse Animal Rescue/Facebook