As babies, we already seem to know that our animal companions are something special. For some of us, our first word is not “mom” or “dad,” but “cat” or “dog.” When you walk your dog, you can’t help but smile when you pass a little one whose face lights up at the mere sight of a furry friend. Not only do animals light up our world as children (and adults), but it’s also been shown that having a cat or dog around is actually good for babies. — specifically, they seem to have an effect on our future immunity to respiratory illnesses. Looks like that superstition that cats steal baby’s breath is completely uncalled for. And if you take a look at how capable of loving their human baby friends cats are, in spite of their aloof nature, you have to wonder how that myth has survived modern times.

Of course, we can’t forget our canine friends. It seems like they’re just as full of wonderment and awe with babies as babies are of them and their interactions never fail to make us smile. Just check out this adorable photo of a baby and Aspen, their doggy friend.


No “cone of shame” will stop the love between these two.

This Baby and Their Dog BFF Are the Perfect Example of Why Pets Are so Important


We would venture to guess that Aspen may have been feeling a little low since he’s been designated with a protective cone, but he couldn’t stay sad when he has his baby friend ready to plant a smooch right on his nose. They’re so buddy-buddy that Aspen even seems to be leaning in for the kiss.

Animal companions and babies are a match made in heaven, but if you have a baby or are expecting, please always be sure to monitor all time spent between your baby and your pet. Babies have a lot to learn about the world, so haven’t yet learned the “rules” of pet interaction, like never pull the kitty’s tail or don’t tug on the doggy’s whiskers. By being there as your baby and your furry friend get to know each other, you can be there to prevent any unwanted mishaps. And as always, if you’re considering welcoming a pet into your life, always adopt and never shop.


All image source: Umgurbanner/Imgur