There is nothing like a successful animal rescue story to add a dose of positivity and joy to the day, and this unbelievable rescue of a tiny kitten trapped on a bustling highway comes from Lebanon.

When the animal protection group, Animals Lebanon, learned of the kitten trapped under a partition on a very busy highway, they were immediately on the scene. After assessing the situation, the rescuers set up cages to catch the terrified kitten. However, the chaos and noise was too much for the baby animal, and she would not go in the cages. Rescuers took shifts monitoring the kitten 24/7, and after days went by, they realized they needed another method if they were going to save her.

The rescuers decided to earn the trust of the little cat by standing next to her for hours until she learned they were there to help her. And after many hours, the time was right, and they swooped up the brave feline and brought her to safety.

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