We first met Daisy Underbite a few months ago when her inspiring story made her an Internet sensation. This tiny little love was only two months old when animal control found her alone on the streets of Bellflower, California. Poor Daisy spent two months in the shelter when it was discovered that she had a congenital disorder that made her elbows, shoulders and hips come out of the sockets, making it difficult for her to walk. Assuming no one would want a disabled dog, the shelter had her scheduled for euthanasia but then the amazing people at A Home 4 Ever stepped in and saved the day!

Home 4 Ever is an amazing rescue group that pulls dogs from the shelter system who have very little chance of being adopted. Some of their dogs need to be rehabilitated due to abuse or behavioral issues, while others, like Daisy, have physical disabilities to overcome.

This resilient pup has since moved into her furever home, where her humans seem quite smitten. It took a bit of creativity to figure out a way to help Dasiy get around, but now that they have worked that out, there is no stopping her!

Daisy’s loving parents have created a Daisy UnderbiteFacebook page and an Instagram account so that others can be inspired Daisy’s good nature and determination. We could all stand to learn a lesson from this pup!

Adopting a pet with a disability is a great way to learn how to live in the moment and embrace every day!