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The world is falling in love with dairy-free products. In fact, recent research shows that 36 percent of U.S. consumers actually prefer milk alternatives to the traditional variety. With this new demand soaring to unprecedented levels, it’s no surprise that new companies are emerging every day trying to profit on this upswing. Dairy-free milks alone are expected to reach $1.7 billion this year. Now companies are looking to capitalize on all sorts of needs and creating plant-based products that are so incredibly convenient you can hardly believe this is the first of its kind.

Take Coconut Cloud, for example. This Colorado-based company has just released a non-dairy coffee creamer as an on-the-go alternative to instant coffee creamer products. While most of the dairy-free sector’s biggest players have put their money into nut and soy milks that can be purchased and consumed by people at home, Coconut Cloud decided to set their sights on a different type of consumer: the on-the-go busy bee.

While yes, having twelve different varieties of dairy-free milks to choose from in the refrigerated section is wonderfully convenient, what happens when you want these products outside of your home? Obviously consumers can’t be expected to carry around almond milk cartons in their purses and briefcases, and while many eateries now offer alternatives to their customers, every once in a while you’ll find one that does not.

Now with the Coconut Cloud creamer, people will be in control of their own coffee destiny! Made from raw coconut cream, tapioca syrup, and rice starch, the creamer is produced without the use of sodium caseinate, a non-vegan ingredient still found in non-dairy creamers.

“Whether you want a latte or a flat white, Coconut Cloud will give you a bonafide, tastebud-tantalizing, plant-based pick-me-up in a coffee cup,” the Colorado-based company said.

Increasingly more people are starting to wake up to the fact that the dairy industry has been embellishing the nutritional benefits of their products, learning about the environmental impact of milk, and consequently choosing better alternatives. Whether it’s almond milk now offered at a nearby coffee shop, or a delicious creamer conveniently waiting in your bag, it’s never been easier to #EatForThePlanet

 Image Source: Camila Tama Silver/Flickr