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1. Yellowstone Tourists Kidnap Baby Elk In Car To ‘Protect It’

America’s national parks are renowned for their pristine wilderness and diverse wildlife, an allure that continues to draw droves of visitors each year. Yellowstone National Park, a spectacular example of this untouched beauty, has recently issued a powerful reminder to tourists: Respect the wildlife. This plea is grounded in a series of incidents, the most alarming involving a newborn elk.

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2. Recycled Plastic ‘Poop’ Sculpture Highlights Ocean Pollution Crisis

Visitors to Australia’s Bondi Beach recently got an unexpected surprise: a four-meter-high sculpture of ‘poop,’ composed entirely of recycled plastic waste. This installation, strategically timed to coincide with World Environment Day on June 5, is intended to spotlight the alarming amount of plastic dumped in our oceans every half minute.

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3. Colombia’s Escalating ‘Cocaine Hippo’ Dilemma

Colombia is grappling with an unusual ecological problem: a fast-growing population of hippos, descendants of a small group brought in by notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. This exotic invasion, escalating much faster than anticipated, is threatening native wildlife and sparking concerns among environmentalists and locals alike.

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4. Study Suggests Arctic Will Be Ice Free By 2030

The Arctic, the Earth’s icy frontier, is ringing alarm bells. New research indicates that the Arctic Ocean might become sea ice-free in the summer by the 2030s, which is about a decade sooner than previous projections. This hastened timeline underscores the urgent need to address the climate crisis, as the global emission of planet-warming pollutants continues at an alarming rate.

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5. Watch this Golden Retriever’s Viral Heartwarming Morning Routine

In the early hours, while most are still cocooned in their dreams, one golden retriever, Bambol, is up with the dawn. The heartwarming scene of Bambol sneakily watching a show about abandoned puppies at 5 a.m., captured by @bamboltrouble, has seized the internet’s collective heart.

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6. Officials Reveal Possible Cause of Tragic Death for 2 Whales off New York Coast

Two humpback whales were recently found dead off the coasts of New York and New Jersey, adding to the alarming rise in whale deaths recorded since 2016. While both deaths appear unrelated due to their different levels of decomposition, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has pinpointed human activities as the likely cause.

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7. New York City Has The Worst Air Pollution Due To Canadian Wildfires

Wildfires are typically associated with causing local environmental issues, but a recent surge in Canadian wildfires is impacting air quality thousands of miles away. This Tuesday, smoke from over 100 wildfires in Quebec reached New York City, resulting in the city briefly topping the list of the world’s worst air Pollution.

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8. LA Bunny Cafe Referred to As ‘Torture Chamber’ By Bunny World Foundation

Amidst a furry controversy, an innovative café, touted as an ‘interactive customer experience,’ is under the scrutiny of Animal rights organizations. The Bunny Cafe, a brainchild of JoyGrab founder Kevin Grushkovski, lets customers enjoy a hot cup of coffee while petting adorable rabbits for $25 an hour.

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9. Experts Warn Bird Flu is Changing Rapidly in the Largest Ever Outbreak

The world is currently witnessing an unprecedented avian influenza outbreak (bird flu), with experts warning of the virus’s rapid mutation. Although the risk to humans is still low, this situation calls for proactive measures, especially from the poultry industry.

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10. Why You Shouldn’t Go To ChatGPT For Cooking Advice

What’s cookin’, good lookin’? If it’s artificial intelligence (AI) in your kitchen, you might be in for a wild culinary ride. The recent buzz around large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT suggests that they’re poised to revolutionize our world, but their foray into the culinary arts has been more laughable than laudable.

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