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Wine has been in production for thousands of years. Whether you enjoy a glass after a long day at work or you occasionally use wine in a recipe, there is no denying the power of this beverage. And now we can add one more power to the list: it’s ability to make cruelty-free leather!

Vegea is a company in Milan, Italy that specializes in the creation of cruelty-free leather that is made entirely from grapes. The company was founded in 2016 after its founder Gianpiero Tessitore began to study, “the physical and mechanical properties of various plant fibers, and their ability to be transformed into eco-friendly materials.” The research led him to create “wineleather,” as he realized that grape skins, stalks, and seeds were ideal for creating a sturdy and real-feeling vegan leather. There are 26 billion liters of wine produced annually, creating a ton of waste from the production process. Instead of letting all that go to waste, Vegea is using it to make a fashion forward product.


Vegea is already making a splash in the fashion world and just recently winning first prize in the Global Change Award international competition, which is organized by the H&M foundation. As people learn the truth about the brutal and unsustainable leather industry, many companies are creating innovative alternatives to animal products. For instance, Green Banana Paper, a startup from Kosrae in Micronesia, created a cruelty-free leather made of banana fiber and another startup, Mycoworks, is making a leather from mushrooms. Pineapple is also getting in on the cruelty-free leather fun!



Besides the obvious fact of animals being needlessly and cruelly killed, the leather industry plays a large role in environmental destruction (as it is closely tied to the meat industry) and Pollution. So not matter how you look at it, a sustainable alternative to animal leather is quite welcome!

Vegea has the potential to be used for fashion and accessories from furniture to packaging. Click here to visit Vegea’s website and learn more about their awesome vegan leather. Share this exciting news with all of your animal lover friends!

Image source: Vegea/Facebook