Cat lovers know felines have the tendency to be a bit fussy and picky and to be honest, they can even be downright demanding at times. But this doesn’t keep us from loving them, and actually, their peculiar quirks are what make us adore them all the more. Foster kitten mom extraordinaire, Hannah Shaw, better known as The Kitten Lady, feels just the same about the little fuzzball in her care named Fizz.

In a video she shared on her Facebook page, we see (and hear!) the baby Fizz mewing at the top of his teeny lungs, demanding to be fed in the cutest way possible. Fizz used to be such a picky eater he had to be hand-fed, so he’s certainly progressed since then! Make sure your volume is turned up for the full effect!


Fostering kittens not only saves animals’ lives, but it adds a giant dose of cuteness and joy to your life. To find out more about how you can become involved in fostering kittens and cats, check this out.

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