Source: Centre for Orangutan Protection/Facebook

Can you imagine being chained to a tree by the neck and hands? That is only a small amount of what Rambo the orangutan has endured since 2014. Rambo was found by Centre for Orangutan Protection with flesh wounds on his hands and fingers and was discovered to be eating a very different diet than an orangutan in the wild. His diet consisted of rice, a spicy side dish, and even a sweet beverage.

In the video, Rambo looks very scared and confused … and with good reason. According to the man that chained Rambo, he found him in the bush after a forest fire. This comes as no surprise as orangutans are displaced due to deforestation, often a result of palm oil production. Fires are used as a way of clearing rainforest to make room for palm oil and animals are pushed into nearby villages or found outside their usual habitats. This leads to people taking advantage, with a reported 1,000 orangutan a year entering into the illegal pet trade.

Thankfully, Rambo was found and evacuated to an orangutan rehabilitation center in Central Kalimantan on June 4th, 2017 by the APC Crusader along with BKSDA Sampit.

To donate or find out more about the plight of orangutans visit the Centre for Orangutan Protection.