Sometimes life deals you cards that you neither want nor deserve, but all you can do is take it on the chin and keep soldiering on. The little girl  in this story manages to keep a cheery demeanor and positive outlook on life, despite her childhood fight with cancer, thanks to her parents, her siblings, and one adorable kitten that is just like her.

Two years ago, Scarlette Tipton battled and defeated cancer with her family’s support. She’s endured chemotherapy and had to have her left arm, some of the skin on her side, and part of her clavicle removed.


Her medical situation caused her to miss out on a lot in the first year of her life. She spent most of her time in a hospital crib, so she couldn’t learn to walk or interact with other children. But despite all that, she’s still just as bright-eyed and beautiful as any kid her age!

To help Scarlette learn what it means to be a little kid, her parents Matthew and Simone Tipton wanted to adopt a pet for her to love and appreciate.

When the Tipton family heard about Holly, a kitten who also had one of her legs removed, they knew it was a sign. They took a two-hour trip all the way from their home in Trabuco Canyon to  Holly’s shelter in San Jacinto Valley.

Scarlette noticed something unique about Holly when they met for the first time. She pointed towards the staples on Holly’s side and said “owies.” When her mother explained that Holly had “owies” just like her, she then touched her own side where her skin expanders were and repeated, “yeah owies.”


The family returned home on Christmas eve with this amazing three legged cat in tow!

 The family is going to change Holly’s name to “Doc.” Partly because Scarlette loves Doc Mc Stuffins and partly because both Holly and Scarlette have interacted with doctors their whole lives.

Scarlette is now completely cancer free, but she still has several more closing procedures to get through. Scarlette’s doctors and parents are hoping that Doc will be a source of strength through these trying times. Everyone is hopeful and one look at Scarlette’s smile tells us that everything will be just fine!

All image source: Smiles for Scarlette/Facebook