When Bubbles was born in the home of her pet parents Trevor Byers and Elissa Smoak, it was clear from the get go that she wasn’t like the other puppies in the litter. Lacking front legs, there are some who would have cast her aside for having such a profound disability.

Baby Bubbles needs to keep her strength up to power all of that cuteness.

Fortunately, Byers and Smoak weren’t those kind of people and immediately set about trying to figure out a way to increase Bubbles’ mobility and aid in her quality of life. Brainstorming ways to make her a cart like other animals with similar disabilities have, the couple tried out everything from model airplane parts to carbon fiber in an effort to create something that would meet their little sweetheart’s unique needs.

Being so awesome can be very tiring.


Smoak said of the process, “It isn’t easy, as she is a Dachshund so she is longer, super hyper and on top of that she is still so tiny.” Eventually, however, they came across the perfect solution – a 3D printer. By creating a wheelchair consisting of two wheels and a body harness that could be printed from lightweight materials as well as modified to fit her precisely, Bubbles can run and play just like any other dog!

Look at her go! The other dogs can barely keep up with her!


These compassionate pet people didn’t stop there though. They’ve made the plans available here to anyone else in need of a wheelchair for a disabled dog in their own lives! According to Bubbles’ Facebook page, their goal is, “To spread awareness that an animal with a handicap can lead a full and happy life and should not be given up on.” All someone needs is access to a 3D printer and they can create Bubbles cart themselves, with no fee for the plans.

Nothing can stop you now Bubbles!

With all of the incredible examples of other dogs in similar situations, the issue of caring for a disabled animal is more prevalent than one would think. Given the higher level of care a pet with disabilities requires, it’s important to know just what their needs are when choosing to open your home to a special needs pet.

Having said that, a disabled dog or cat can be a wonderful addition to your family if just given the chance. People like Byers and Smoak help to make guardianship of a perfectly healthy, yet unique, animal easier every day. There’s no telling how many animals their innovation and generosity could help. Thank you kind caregivers, on behalf of dogs in need everywhere!

Lead Image Credit: Daily Dot