Bobby, the dog who won our hearts after wearing a Christmas sweater for two months, in the hopes of being adopted, finally got the best gift he could ask for – a family!

The sweet terrier mix was abandoned in December at the Miami-Dade Animal Services, where volunteers dressed him up believing it would attract a new family for him. After months of being passed over, Bobby was put on the “Code Red” list, meaning he could be euthanized at any moment. Thankfully, hours after the touching photo of him went viral, several individuals raced to the shelter to make Bobby a part of their family.


Paola Mariaca, who volunteers with Miami-Dade Animal Services was the lucky woman to take him home. Not only does Mariaca help the animals at the shelter, but she actually helps to put the sweaters, like the one that made Bobby famous, on the pups.

“He’s going to have a Schnauzer sister and two English bulldogs as sisters. So he’s going to be the boy of the house,” she told CBS Miami.

Mariaca said that she hopes other dogs will be helped by Bobby’s story, and that people will continue to share other tales of homeless animals so they can also find their own forever homes.

“I think every dog here should get that much attention, then we wouldn’t have them here (at the shelter),” she said. Now Bobby is heading out of his kennel and into an amazing new life!


You can help dogs like this sweet pup by always opting to adopt, not shop when deciding to bring a four-legged friend into your family. Share this article to help other shelter animals find their forever homes.