They say that life’s obstacles are only as big as you make them … just ask Stevie the cat! Stevie was adopted by Patrick Corr from a local animal shelter in Ireland after having a very difficult time finding a forever home due to her blindness. Patrick, however, did not view Stevie’s vision impairment as a fault, but rather, as an endearing quality that made Stevie, well, Stevie.

Getting adjusted to life with Patrick was a little difficult at first, but with a lot of encouragement and love, Stevie learned how to navigate her new home in no time at all. Now Stevie’s confidence is taking her to whole new levels as she takes on an actual mountain in this video! Watching Stevie and Patrick scale the Comeragh mountains is sure to give you that boost of inspiration that you needed.


As Patrick and Stevie show us, life is all about making the best of every situation. So get out there and take on the world – with a smile, of course!