In the right environment, cows, and farm animals in general, are just as playful and loving as the dogs and cats many of us keep at home as companions. Cows are extremely affectionate, curious, and intelligent creatures and form strong and lasting friendships. Beryl, the cow, for example, has formed a beautiful bond with her human caretakers, Sally and Webster, as well as the family’s two dogs, Fred and Wilma. In fact, having grown up with them since she was a young calf, it appears that she might just think she’s a dog herself! We’ll let you be the judge.

The 8-month-old sure lounges like a typical pup… 

…and when she plays outside, she likes to peep in every once and a while and say hello to her fam… 

She asks for belly rubs too! 



Beryl loves to lay on the carpet and grass. Webster thinks this is because as a baby she had her own blanket she used to sleep on every night. 

When Webster took Beryl in, she bottle-fed the calf herself. Eventually, once Beryl was big and strong enough, she transferred the cuddly cow outside to graze. 

“She knows mine and my husband’s voice,” Webster said, “She can be outside grazing out of view and we can call out her name, and she will always bellow back, in a way to reply.” 

She may not look like a dog, but Beryl clearly fits right in with the other pups! 

We’re so glad that Beryl never needs to know the cruelty of a dairy farm and was able to find a compassionate family to take her in. These pictures serve as proof that cows not only crave love and comfort like everyone else, but they have plenty to dole out when treated kindly.

All Image Source: Infinity00/Imgur