It has been a little over a year since Ben & Jerry’s, the one true love of creative ice cream concoctions aficionados, announced the flavors they would release in their first foray into the territory of the world of vegan ice cream.  Well, life is about to get sweeter because the ice cream mogul has just added two new vegan ice cream flavors to their repertoire. The two newest additions to the company’s line of almond milk ice cream are Coconut Seven Layer Bar, coconut ice cream speckled with fudge chunks, walnuts, and swirls of graham cracker crumb caramel and Cherry Garcia, cherry ice cream with cherry flakes and fudge chunks. How appropriate, since February happens to be National Cherry Month.

The company has not formally announced the debut of these flavors in their non-dairy line, but Instagram user @phillyveganmonster stumbled upon the flavors in a South Square market in Philadelphia. 

What a lucky find, indeed! 




It is no surprise that an ice cream giant like Ben & Jerry’s would want to hop aboard the non-dairy milk train. More and more people are replacing dairy with dairy-free alternatives like almond milk, non-dairy yogurt, and, as is indicative by a glance in the frozen dessert aisle of your local grocery store, vegan ice cream. Sales of almond milk, which is the base of Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice creams, grew by 4.2 percent in 2015, reaching just shy of being a $1 billion industry. Meanwhile, dairy milk consumption has seen a steady decline since the 1970s and today, we consume 37 percent less milk than we did nearly 50 years ago. Given the rise in demand for dairy-free alternatives and the massive boom in the non-dairy milk industry, making vegan ice cream is a business-savvy decision on the part of Ben & Jerry’s — and their two new flavor additions are a good sign that we might be seeing even more new almond milk ice cream flavors in the (hopefully, very near) future.

Unlike Ben & Jerry’s previous announcement of the launch of their vegan ice cream line, where we all waited with bated breath for an official release, you can already find the two new flavors in stores. No official announcement. No social media promotion. The ice cream was sent right to stores. Pretty sneaky, Ben & Jerry’s. We definitely appreciate it.

Lead image source: Ben & Jerry’s