one green planet
one green planet

A day when I can’t wake up and grab a cup of coffee with almond milk and eat a whole avocado with a spoon is a very scary thought indeed. But, it looks like if we follow along the same trajectory using pesticides that harm bees, this sort of day could become a reality.

Bees are responsible for pollinating the majority of the world’s food. Quite plainly, without bees, entire food systems will collapse. Scary. Which is why it is SO important that we stop using pesticides that have been proved to cause colony collapse disorder (CCD) in bees.

It has been irrefutably determined that pesticides are to blame for the rapid disappearance of bees and yet Dow Chemicals and Syngenta are asking the EPA to allow them to ramp up their usage of these chemicals. Crazy? You bet.

So to help stop this blatant atrocity against bees, share this video with everyone you know and BEE THE BUZZ! These companies need to be stopped, it’s not just the collapse of a few bees we’re talking here, it is the collapse of our entire global food system.

You can also help by signing and sharing this petition from the NRDC. Save the bees, save the world…but actually.

Image source: Superzerocool/Wikipedia Commons