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Once again tragedy has struck an innocent animal for the sake of human entertainment. A circus trailer transporting elephants in Spain recently overturned, killing one, injuring two others. While the rest escaped without injury, the incident certainly caused them an incredible amount of unnecessary stress. In the aftermath of this horrific accident, the Care2 Team established a petition addressing Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Brey.

While awareness surrounding the cruelty elephants suffer in circus environments has spread dramatically, there are people out there who still don’t “get it.” They don’t understand that these animals are often torn from their mothers and families to perform. They are routinely beaten and scared into learning routines. They are confined to tiny enclosures and denied any form of natural existence – and as this recent accident shows, they are transported from place to place on road trips that sometimes last for hours.


Realizing the suffering wild animals endure in captivity, other European countries including Italy, Belgium, and Sweden have put bans on the animal entertainment industry – it’s time Spanish authorities take the hint. Elephants can’t speak for themselves, so they need you to be their voice. Please sign the petition and share it across all your social media so the government in Spain knows that the whole world is watching and holding them accountable for innocent lives.

Wild animals like the magnificent elephant deserve to live free from exploitation and performing silly tricks and stunts. There are far more rewarding ways to experience the beauty and wonder of wild animals — click here to find out how!

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Buzz Petition

Image Source: The Save Movement/Facebook