Baby goats might be some of the most playful animals around. They’re well known for their limitless energy, mischievous behavior, and less than graceful leaps – just take a look at the little one in this video!

Not only does this goat enjoy playing, but he can dance too! According to the YouTube description, the goat was rejected by his mother, so he likes to spend time around humans. He copies the movements of whoever he’s following, which led to this little party!


While it’s certainly sad that this baby goat was orphaned, it’s wonderful that he found some great human friends. Judging by the way he jumps, he still knows how to play with as much enthusiasm as any other baby goat!

This playful goat isn’t the only dancer in the animal kingdom, but he has the advantage of starting from an early age. With a little practice and the right pair of dancing shoes, he might become one of the best!