Cute animal videos can never get old. I mean, you could literally spend all afternoon watching adorable animals doing nothing at all, like this video of an orange tabby cat sitting on a chair for a good whole two minutes! It’s amazing the cat could have sat so still for so long, but it’s even more amazing that we could literally spend those whole two minutes just staring at the cat.

It’s a fact that the majority of us love watching cute cat and other animal videos. They fascinate us in so many ways.


So, without further ado, watch a compilation of the best dancing cats and dogs, who might be able to dance better than you in the video above! All of the animals’ dance moves synchronizes with the song of the video.

For more of our favorite dancing animals, check out the videos and GIFs below:

Get Ready for Some Cute Dancing Animals, Like This Little Guy…


…and jam to the music! 


Ashleigh and her Dancing Dog, Pudsey, Dance to “The Flintstones”

 This Golden Retriever Dances Merengue

Here’s Stuart the Salsa Dancing Dog

Last But Not Least, Jam With These Kitties


Image source: NaturesFan1226/Flickr