Elephants are mesmerizing animals. With their giant, regal frames, high intelligence and strong family bonds, they show characteristics we humans can truly admire. This is especially true for the bond between a mother elephant and her calf, which is believed to be the strongest among any animal. Just watch how closely this baby elephant, Inca, stays to his mother, Icholta, as he takes his first steps. It’s amazing Inca is already walking considering this video was taken when he was just one day old!

Icholta, Inca, and their elephant family live in the wild of Tsavo East National Park, but make regular visits to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s stockades to see their other elephant friends.


It’s beautiful to see this mother elephant doting on her baby, touching him gently with her trunk, and keeping him close to her, to make sure he has all the love he needs – especially since so many baby elephants are left motherless due to ivory poaching and deforestation.

Seeing the beauty of this mother-child relationship makes us want to do everything we can to help save elephants. You can help elephant families stay together by never purchasing items made from ivory. Share this article and spread the word.