In recent years, countries like the United States and China have called for an end to the ivory trade. There have been massive pyres of confiscated ivory burned to signify that the ivory trade, no matter how lucrative, will not be tolerated. While it might seem like attitudes about ivory are changing for the better about, this illegal trade continues to claim many casualties. There are the elephants that are murdered for their ivory tusks, and then there are those that they leave behind — their babies.

When mother elephants are killed for their tusks their babies are often orphaned because they are too young to keep up with the herd. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of our hearts breaking … thankfully there are organizations such at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust whose mission is to care for and to protect orphaned animals, such as elephants.


Wei Wei and Loboito are two of many baby elephants that have been rescued by the organization and will be able to live out their lives in a safe and natural environment. These siblings look undeniably sweet snuggled together in their little (OK, maybe not so little) blankies! Of course, their circumstances are heart wrenching, but the silver lining here are their rescuers and caretakers at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

In the wild, they would have their mothers to keep them warm, but here they have each other and brightly colored blankets to do the job.

You might feel helpless to have meaningful action for these beautiful creatures that are a world away, but don’t despair Green Monsters! It’s a small world after all! There are plenty of ways to get involved, here’s what you can do to help:

  • Never, ever buy anything that contains ivory! (Duh!) When the buying stops, so can the killing.
  • Be a voice for elephants! Spread the word about these adorable elephants and their traumatic histories, but don’t forget to mention their bright futures.
  • Get involved with organizations that support the conservation of these beautiful creatures. Like The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Facebook page and learn about other organizations out there. You can even foster an elephant through one of these organizations.
  • Most importantly, never be silent. See something, say something and always speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves!

Image source: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/Facebook