The newest arrival at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is a little baby with a heartbreaking story. This elephant calf was found standing right next to her dying mother.

The elephants were found on November 282016. The baby was keeping a careful vigil over her struggling mother, not leaving her even for a moment. The bare earth surrounding the mother elephant showed she had clearly been struggling for a long time. The baby was a witness to that terrible fight for life, standing by helplessly and in fear.

The rescue team did everything that was in their power to help the struggling mother, but, tragically, to no avail. In the wake of her death, they focused their full attention on the little calf. She was rescued and driven to the Voi where she was loaded on a plane and readied for her journey to Nairobi. There, she found her home at the DSWT Nursery.

The little ellie soon made friends with other orphans who comforted her and helped her settle in – only two days after her arrival she was able to join the others out in the forest. Now the baby relishes in her new life at the sanctuary, spending her days eating fresh food and playing with other elephants. Her newfound joy of life was even mirrored in the name she got from her caretakers – “Kushi” meaning “to live” in Swahili.

Kushi will now grow up under the watchful eye of her caretakers and learn how to be a wild elephant alongside her peers. We hope one day this little one will get to return to her wild home and live our her days in peace and quiet.

Click here to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s website and learn more about what they do to help elephants.

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