Some animals, like deer and antelope, can run and jump just like adults a mere hour after they’re born. While others like birds, humans, and kangaroos have to spend weeks being nursed and coddled before they can even sit up on their own.

Elephants are somewhere in between these two extremes. While newborn calves can walk shortly after birth, they’re still pretty awkward when it comes to the complicated stuff. This baby Sumatran elephant is just four months old and still has the fluffy soft hair of a newborn. She tries to imitate the precise movements of her mother’s trunk but can’t quite get it right.


This little cutie seems just like a human baby at around this age. You know, that weird stage where they grab everything extra tight because they don’t know their own strength yet – at about 0:27 she gets annoyed and just tries to rip the grass up instead. One day she’ll get a hang of it!

Between poaching and environmental destruction elephants don’t have it that great in the wild. It’s nice to see that an organization like WWF international are doing their part to make the world a better place for elephants everywhere!