Aww! That’s probably what you’ll say when you watch these adorable ducklings take a dip in the sink. One by one, they jump in the water and it’s just the cutest sight to watch.

These babies are only a few days old when the video was shot. They’re Pekin Ducks, which can swim at this age, but don’t try giving some ducklings a home pool party any time soon unless you know how to care for them properly. In nature, the mother ducks keep a watchful eye on her ducklings and don’t allow them to swim in the water for long periods of time since the ducklings can get fatigued easily. So,  if a human is raising baby ducks, they must not allow them to swim unattended and make sure they don’t stay in for too long. For their first time in the water, they need a shallow enough pool or sink where they can touch the bottom. You also have to help warm them up afterwards with a towel and/or heat lamp since they don’t have enough feathers yet to themselves.


Ducks are adorable and we get to see them with ease at parks or near ponds, but resist the temptation to throw then some breadcrumbs. Bread is considered junk food for ducks and it can make them sick.

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