Rescue videos are always a great way to start the day. They’re endlessly inspiring and help to restore one’s faith in humanity.

We’ve had plenty of favorites, from this rescue of an entangled seal to this video showing baby seals getting a second chance at life. Now, we happily bring you another rescue video, this time all the way from Brazil.


Off the coast of São Paulo, a group of fishermen spotted a struggling dolphin calf trapped in a plastic bag. While in some areas, dolphins are targeted for use as shark bait or captivity, these fishermen’s minds were far from such cruelties – they only desired to help, and help they did. And once the baby dolphin was released, it seemed to jump for joy, happy to be free.

Witness the rescue below and watch for the moment when the dolphin calf appears to jump up out of the water in happiness at around 1:45.

Image source: Snow Leopard / Flickr