Factory farming is riddled with countless abuses and horrors, and while ag-gag bills are trying to stop us from finding out more about this industry here in the U.S, our friends across the ocean have taken a major step toward a better world for farm animals.

According to a press release from The Greens party of Australia, new legislation deemed The Animal Welfare Bill, “will ban battery cages for egg production and the use of sow stalls and gestation crates for pigs, introducing a maximum penalty on conviction of 50 units ($7,000 for an individual or $35,000 for a corporation). The Bill also prohibits the removal or trimming of hens’ beaks, a common practice in the factory farming industry where the hen’s beak is removed with a hot blade or laser.”


WOW. We are amazed and so excited that such legislation has been passed!

According to ABC, there are currently no factory farms in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), but we don’t think that lessens the bill’s significance. This bill shows companies that the ACT will NOT allow animal abuse to occur through factory farming methods, and in the words of Animals Australia Campaign Director, Lyn White, the law  “sets a significant precedent for other states to follow.”

“Prohibiting sow stalls within the ACT will have far reaching beneficial effects on the welfare of pigs beyond the ACTs borders; there is no need for sow stalls, caged birds or feed lots. This legislation is a step forward in changing the way we all think about the way all our food is produced,” said a local produce farmer, Martyn Noakes from Bredbo Valley View Farm to The Greens,

We agree! A HUGE congratulations to the ACT for passing this legislation, and here’s to hoping many more states and countries follow suit!


 Image Source: Daniele Pieroni/Flickr