Amy’s Kitchen, a family-run business that has been making yummy, all-organic vegetarian convenience foods since 1987, has been there for us many times when we are in a pinch but don’t have time to cook. The company is known for their convenient veggie burgers, mac and cheese, burritos and delicious soups, among other items. Now, the company is making us drool yet again with their new vegan cheese pizza rolls! That’s right, VEGAN PIZZA ROLLS!

The pizza rolls are 100 percent dairy-free, soy-free, lactose-free, and kosher!  


“We turned one of your favorite pizza flavors into a bite-sized vegan snack. Each bite is filled with our house-made organic tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella cheeze, all wrapped up in a soft flour crust,” Amy’s states on their website. Um, yum!

This seems like a landmark year for the company, who earlier this summer announced that their flagship restaurant, Amy’s Drive-Thru (the first organic and vegetarian fast food restaurant in America and one with tons of vegan options), is doing SO WELL that they are looking into expanding across the country and become a chain.

This isn’t surprising considering consumers are moving away from meat and dairy while also seeking out less processed foods. This new shift not only caters to vegans, it also provides healthy options for those who want to reduce their consumption of animal products, whether it be for health, environmental, or animal welfare reasons.

Amy’s is not only reinventing the standard for healthy frozen foods, but they’re also giving countless people who may have never had “better” options access to healthier food. To find the pizza rolls at a grocery store near you, click here. Buy a box or maybe even two, we won’t judge!

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Image Source: Amy’s Kitchen