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If you have ever been a cat guardian, it is likely that you’ve noticed that your feline friend has little to no respect for your personal space … or boundaries for that matter But what can you do, they are the rulers of your household … so get used to it.

The cat in this video certainly has no qualms about invading people’s personal space. Captured from the speed camera on a cop car, this video shows a police man who has just pulled over for a car and is writing out a ticket. Out of nowhere, a cavalier kitten runs onto these scene and immediately starts entreating the cop not to ticket the people in the car. Growing frustrated with the fact that the cop is ignoring his pleas, the cat resorts to climbing onto the cop’s head and physically preventing him from signing the ticket.

We can’t help but to laugh at the cat’s gumption – it doesn’t matter who you are, or what kind of authority you wield – the cat still thinks he owns you.