We recently shared the story of Freya, a puppy who was found abandoned in a duffel bag in the middle of the woods, with her front paws missing and a broken femur. The pup was fortunately discovered in time and taken in by The Arrow Fund. Now, Freya is already doing much better and she is recovering and learning to love with her new foster family.

Freya has found her foster home with the Weedman family. Since she is missing her front paws, she has to wear little socks to protect them!

She will be starting physical therapy soon and it will be a long road before she can be adopted … she isn’t wasting any time in learning what it means to be loved, though!  


Freya is still too tiny to undergo surgery for her broken femur. It looks like her human buddy is doing a great job making sure she is as comfortable as possible!

We just can’t get enough of these adorable photos of Freya getting her snuggle on!

Unfortunately, the rescue predicts that as Freya grows up and more weight is put on her front she won’t be able to be supported by her paws. The team is now looking into all options, but, most likely, the puppy will need prosthetics as she grows.



Freya was very lucky to be rescued and placed with a wonderful family where she can feel safe while she slowly recuperates and learns to navigate her world. This process is infinitely easier in her foster home than it would have been in a shelter – and, as pictures show best, she is loving her new life.

You can help The Arrow Fund care for Freya and save more animals like her by donating via the rescue’s website.


All image source: The Arrow Fund/Facebook