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Marijuana stirs up all kinds of feelings across the spectrum of people you talk to and is a topic surrounded by quite a bit of controversy.

You probably know it by this name, but it’s also known as Mary Jane, pot, weed, grass, reefer, ganja, and many more nicknames. What most of us know about the substance is that it gets you “high,” yet there are so many more facets to this plant that have nothing to do with the mind-altering effects it’s so well known for.

Specifically, I’m talking about CBD oil, cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol (CBD) “is one of over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa.” This oil has also been used and is reputed to be incredibly effective at remedying common ailments, especially pain management.

The important thing to know about CBD oil — a fact that is highly mistaken — is that, depending on the brand you purchase, it generally does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the “main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, and causes the sensation of getting ‘high’ that’s often associated with marijuana.”

Simply put, “CBD is not psychoactive.”

From chronic pain management to anxiety relief, CBD oil is rapidly “gaining momentum in the health and wellness world.”

Looking to try your hand at some CBD products? If you’re looking for 100 percent pure CBD oil, you’ll first need to visit a city that has not restricted the sale of recreational marijuana — Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusets, Vermont, Alaska, and Maine — and then you’ll need to find a trustworthy dispensary.

Until that time, try out a hemp-based product! What’s the difference?

When it comes to breaking down the botanical differences between CBD and hemp, we’re looking at “two kinds of cannabis — hemp plants and drug plants.” While the hemp plant are grown for the fiber and seed oil, the drug variety is generally grown for the “intoxicating THC-rich [components] and non-intoxicating CBD-rich” components.

While hemp oil does not contain the same powerful components as CBD oil, it still has a “rich profile of nutrients, fatty acids, and useful bioactive compounds,” which makes it helpful with certain health issues including skin ailments, — such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis — heart health, brain health, pain relief, and muscle tension.

1. Devan Vegan Hemp Oil Vitamins

Devan Vegan Hemp Oil Vitamins

Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Vitamins/

These Deva Vegan Hemp Oil Vitamins are not only certified by the non-profit Vegan Society, but they’re also organic, 100 percent animal-free, and is sourced in a cold-pressed and unrefined process — ensuring the highest quality, freshest hemp oil! This product provides your body with a high concentration of fatty acids, — in particular, Alpha Linoleic Acid, Linoleic acid, and Oleic acid — antioxidants, vitamins, and phytosterols. These hemp oil vitamins are dairy and wheat free! A 90-count bottle costs $12.99.

2. GreenIVe Hemp OilGreenIVe Hemp Oil

GreenIVe Hemp Oil/

This GreenIVe Hemp Oil sources their organically grown hemp oil in a cold-pressed process. One tablespoon of this hemp oil has eight grams of vegan omega-6 and 2.5 grams of vegan omega-3 fatty acids, along with 10 percent of your daily vitamin E intake and a whole dose of chlorophyll and antioxidants. Due to the superfood qualities of hemp oil, this product seeks to reduce pain, stress,  and anxiety. This product has zero fillers or artificial ingredients! A 16-ounce bottle costs $19.99.

Bonnell Poe says “Have chronic pain. This works when I buy next time will try a flavor but put it under your tongue is not bad lol. Love this product already feel better not so depressed & sleeping Better so Thank You Very Much Bonnell Poe.”

3. Mary Ruth’s Organic Pure Hemp Oil Extract with PeppermintMary Ruth's Organic Pure Hemp Oil Extract with Peppermint

Mary Ruth’s Organic Pure Hemp Oil Extract with Peppermint/

Mary Ruth’s is one of those vegan favorite trusted brands for supplements, tinctures, extracts, and now hemp oil! This Mary Ruth’s Organic Pure Hemp Oil Extract with Peppermint is developed to be “highly beneficial for the receptors that moderate the body’s homeostasis, regulating everything from sleep to cognitive function to inflammation.” This product is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help treat mild aches, pains, and inflammation, as well as boost flexibility and aid in joint health, and decrease anxiety, as well as boost restful sleep! A double pack of 1-ounce bottles costs $39.95.

Laura Shooter says “I decided to try the Pure Hemp product for a variety of reasons—to assist with some chronic shoulder pain, help me sleep and aid in my skincare routine. I have been taking it orally (haven’t tried it topically yet) and have found the peppermint taste to be quite pleasant. I am going to share it with my husband who has been having some back pain and trouble sleeping as I think it will provide some relief at night. I also plan to have my daughter, who has very sensitive skin and recurring breakouts, try it topically to see if it aids in the inflammation she experiences on her forehead and chin. I slept wonderfully last night and woke up this morning with no shoulder pain and feeling refreshed. Will keep using to determine any long term benefits. So far, I’ve had no side effects taking it once a day.”

4. Hemp Daily Vegan Intensive Cream with Essential OilsHemp Daily Vegan Intensive Cream with Essential Oils

Hemp Daily Vegan Intensive Cream with Essential Oils/

This Hemp Daily Vegan Intensive Cream with Essential Oils is the perfect product for aches and pains, as well as dry irritated skin! This blend is made from organic hemp to help with muscle pain, chronic back pain, and anxiety. This product is made from high quality, premium organic hemp extract to heal, soothe, and provide homeopathic bodily care. Plus, your skin will get a boost in hydration and will grow increasingly silky smooth. A 1.7-ounce jar costs $22.99.

Amazon Customer says “This product is one of my favorites. I appreciate that it has 0% THC. But the quality is spectacular. It does have a strong herbal/peppermint smell. but there is no tingly, icy hot feeling. I do recommend putting it on with a glove though. Just so you don’t rub your eyes later. I have fibromyalgia and this is one of my go-to pain treatments.”

5. The Merry Hempsters Vegan Certified Hot Hemp Muscle RubThe Merry Hempsters Vegan Certified Hot Hemp Muscle Rub

Merry Hempsters Vegan Certified Hot Hemp Muscle Rub/

The Merry Hempsters Vegan Certified Hot Hemp Muscle Rub is specifically designed as a fast-acting analgesic balm that gently soothes sore muscles and joints. This all-natural muscle rub is blended with camphor and organic menthol crystals for immediate pain relief, as well as a reduction of inflammation. Perfect for sore muscles, strains, overexertion, inflamed joints, or congestion! This product is a certified vegan product! A 0.6-ounce tube costs $4.95.

M&J E. says “I bought this for my husband, as he is very active and has a lot of aches and pains. We both love this stuff! I bought the heating and cooling one and they are both awesome in their own ways. Couldn’t be happier. Glad we found a good alternative to store-bought chemicals.”

6. Hempz Original Vegan Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer Hempz Original Vegan Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer

Hempz Original Vegan Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer/

This Hempz Original Vegan Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer is a blend of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid-rich hemp oil, vitamins A, C, E, shea butter, ginseng, and natural fragrances from flowers and bananas. This lotion promises to soothe inflammation, calm atopic dermatitis, increase skin hydration, reduce redness, nourish, protect, and work to remedy winter dryness, flaking, or dry hands and feet. Hempz does not use any harsh chemicals and promises a vegan-friendly product! A 17-fluid ounce bottle costs $11.19.

Moyer says “I used this stuff years ago and forgot just how much I loved it. It’s hands down the best moisturizing lotion there is for tanning. I have eczema so I have to be cautious with lotions. Especially scented ones. Even with that being said and this being scented, it works well. It has totally cleared up my patchy areas. Oh and smells delish!!!!”

7. Wellness Prioritized Organic Vegan Hemp Seed Oil & Mango Seed Butter LotionWellness Prioritized Organic Vegan Hemp Seed Oil & Mango Seed Butter Lotion

Wellness Prioritized Organic Vegan Hemp Seed Oil & Mango Seed Butter Lotion/

Looking for something a bit more luxurious, while also healing a sore body? This Wellness Prioritized Organic Vegan Hemp Seed Oil & Mango Seed Butter Lotion may be the perfect combination of both worlds for you! This product is 100 percent vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, contains zero toxins, sources only all-natural and organic ingredients, and is great for all skin types. Wellness Prioritized promises this product will nourish your skin — with vitamins A, D, and E — while also reducing inflammation and tending to aches and pains.   An 8-ounce bottle costs $19.95.

Sarah says “I have struggled with acne since I was around 13/14. I went to multiple dermatologists, tried everything in the book and was never successful in finding something to clear my acne. I finally found a face cleaner that worked, but I was struggling to find a moisturizer that was right for my skin. I ran into this online and checked it out. I read all the reviews and everything…went back and forth, back and forth on it. It is a bit pricey but I decided to go for it, and I will never again purchase another moisturizer! It feels amazing, and has drastically helped clear my acne scars! 5 stars, without a doubt. Will purchase again and again and again!

8. Cultivax Pure Extract Vegan-Friendly Hemp OilCultivax Pure Extract Vegan-Friendly Hemp Oil

Cultivax Pure Extract Vegan-Friendly Hemp Oil/

This Cultivax Pure Extract Vegan-Friendly Hemp Oil offers a high-potency, premium extract hemp oil that uses only all-natural, organic, non-GMO, ultra-purified hemp oil. This extract is an excellent pain reliever, stress reducer, anxiety kicker, and has also been shown to help boost mental clarity and brain function. Loaded with fatty acids and vitamins, this extract is perfect for mixing with smoothies, shakes, or even simply taken raw in the mouth! A 1-fluid ounce bottle costs $9.99.

Eric J. says “These hemp oils for sleep are medical. I have been suffering from insomnia my whole life recently neighbor s have been making noise all night permanently messed up my sleep schedule and made insomnia super bad permanently somehow my body can not tell the true fatigue I have which stops me from getting my needed sleep but with this, it forced my body to feel it’s true fatigue level sleeping so much more now getting my backdated sleep I feel like it’s fixing my serious sleep issues. Thought this was impossible I am dumfounded how well works for sleep naturally. This is literally unbelievable love hemp oil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

9. Novel Trees Natural Vegan Premium Hemp Seed Oil Tincture Novel Trees Natural Vegan Premium Hemp Seed Oil Tincture 

Novel Trees Natural Vegan Premium Hemp Seed Oil Tincture/

This Novel Trees Natural Vegan Premium Hemp Seed Oil Tincture provides a powerful source of antioxidants that will supercharge your immune system. Plus, this tincture will also help with easing chronic inflammation, balancing hormones, regenerating skin, aiding eczema, and has even been shown to lower cholesterol! This product is vegan, raw, pure, 100 percent organic, and green! A 250-milligram bottle costs $19.99.

Becky Evans says “My husband & I have been using this oil instead of prescription drugs, our doctor wanted us to try it. It’s working very well but about 1/2 the time there’s no peppermint flavor! I hate the taste w/out the peppermint!”

10. Hemp Daily Vegan Organic Active Spray with Essential OilsHemp Daily Vegan Organic Active Spray with Essential Oils

Hemp Daily Vegan Organic Active Spray with Essential Oils/

Seeking the perfect post-workout pain reliever? This Hemp Daily Vegan Organic Active Spray with Essential Oils was designed specifically for those active individuals! This product uses a blend of high-quality hemp oil along with cooling menthol to alleviate muscle pain relief, chronic back pain, and even helps ease anxiety. With a quick-drying formula, you can instantly soothe and be on your way! A 2-fluid ounce bottle costs $22.99.

Madison says “I suffer from arthritis in my feet due to years of running. This is the only product that gives me instant relief!”

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