Once the season’s change and cold temperatures start to arrive, many of us scramble with medicines and supplements hoping for a quick fix. However, it’s not that simple. Life happens, and as much as we would all like to be a superhuman who never feels run down or stressed, sometimes it’s beyond our control.

Consistency with a self-care regime is key. If we are organized in being consistent with our health throughout each season, there is a more than likely chance you can beat the colds, flu, and other viruses and illnesses are thrown your way!

Here are the top remedies you should try out in order to keep yourself feeling healthy, ALL year round.

SpringSpring medow with sunrise


Your living environment plays a key role in how your body functions. If you are constantly breathing in filth (such as dust, mold, or other toxic germs/chemicals), your breath and lungs could be affected, potentially causing chemical pneumonia to occur. Symptoms of chemical pneumonia include a dry cough, chest pain, itchy eyes or burning eyes, throat and mouth. Interestingly enough, these symptoms are quite similar to those of the flu or other respiratory illness.

It’s never too soon to get a jump start on creating a fresh and abundant living space for yourself. They don’t call it spring cleaning for no reason!

You should also consider creating homemade cleaning concoctions that get the job done just as well as store-bought products. Not only will you save some money, but your body will thank you for not having to breathe in strong scents and solutions. Try out these all natural cleaning ideas instead of the typical brands that contain harsh chemicals.

Of course, there will be weeks when your bookshelf is a tad dustier than you would like, and you may be too busy to drop everything and make sure it is sparkling clean and polished. However, you may elevate your immune system naturally through your lifestyle in order to be less susceptible to potential viruses. Check out this tasty vegan and grain-free immunity boosting elixir to jump-start your system!

SummerRaw Vegan Fresh Mango


With the heat rising, it’s important to maintain proper hydration, nutrition, and stress management during these hot summer months. Making sure you drink enough water is crucial to overall health, and it also flushes out excess mucus in your system. This is especially important for when you do have cold or flu-like symptoms.

It’s also important to maintain lower stress levels so that your immune system can respond more effectively when you receive flu symptoms. When you are stressed, this causes the immune system to respond more so to the stress than actively keep you from catching a cold. Making sure you get adequate rest and exercise will help relieve some of the tension. Plus, soak up that vitamin D by doing a fun activity outside for a while!

Summer is also filled with so much variety in food choices. Many people think that citrus foods, such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are the only answer to combating the flu. However, there are some amazing alternatives you can incorporate into your diet to amp up your immunity and vitamin C! Try incorporating more fresh fruits and veggies into your day with these 8 fruits and veggies that have more vitamin C than an orange! You can also make some amazing mango recipes for a refreshing summer meal. One mango contains 122.3 mg of vitamin C! You can’t go wrong there.

FallAutumn leaves on grass landscape


It’s very important to build up your immunity during the fall season. Maintaining a strong immunity with natural remedies before the winter arrives will guide you toward remaining healthy! In addition to keeping your living environment clean, maintaining a solid sleep cycle, and keeping hydrated, it may also be a good idea to incorporate all natural supplements into your diet.

Give yourself a head start by incorporating these key supplements into your daily routine:

You can even try out these affordable superfoods to give yourself the extra boost! Keeping yourself on track the best you can set you up for success!

WinterWarm Lemon Water with Ginger


Keeping all of the previous tips in mind, a key surviving flu season is truly through diet and additional supplementation. You can increase your intake of superfoods, supplements such as those listed above plus vitamin C, and ingest certain wellness shots regularly. Try out these 10 immune boosting foods to get a jump start on kicking that cold to the curb. Garlic and ginger shots definitely do the trick. Another favorite of mine is simply adding oregano oil to hot water and fresh lemon juice.

Vitamin C is a key to combatting cold symptoms, and may help shorten the duration of an illness. You can check out this fizzy coconut lime kombucha that will boost your immunity in no time! You can even steer clear of indulging in your evening cocktail by spicing it up with this powerhouse alternatives.

In general, it is important to keep these basic habits in mind to prevent illnesses and the flu in particular:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get enough sleep
  • Minimize contact with others in condensed public spaces
  • Handle your food with care (Germs from your hands can travel onto the foods you touch).
  • Use separate appliances/utensils in community settings

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