Every athlete needs focus, and plant-based foods can really give you the boost of brain power you need in a moment of need. From improved brain function to enhanced memory to an uplifted mood (transmitted via that sharp brain of yours), try these foods to keep your mind as sharp as can be, so that your focus on the details can improve that much more as you train for your next event — or just build your body for yourself.



  1. Chia

    Chia seeds are pretty sweet little things when it comes to loading up on brain-boosting nutrients. They’re rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and provide the body with fiber. They also help control blood glucose levels and can give you a great big boost of antioxidants, which all, of course, is great for that brain of yours.

  2. Quinoa

    Quinoa is so versatile in your plant-based athlete diet — from breakfast bowls to big heaping dinners, this gluten-free protein is awesome in so many ways. But did you know that it’s great for the brain too? Quinoa provides a source of complex carbs and fiber that can help balance blood sugar, and also provides the glucose your mind needs to function at its best. In addition, quinoa has iron that can help keep your blood flowing the way it should. We’ve got about a million (OK, maybe not a million — but a LOT!) of OGP quinoa recipes for you to try here. 

  3. Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are delicious with most anything — just like quinoa, this lovely plant can be eaten up day and night. Tomatoes provide your body with lycopene, which can help balance your mood (and thus improve your focus when you need it) and also stave off diseases of the brain. Fill your next avocado with some tomatoes, or try tomatoes in enchiladas for a delicious and brain-satisfying snack.

  4. Red Cabbage

    Load your next salad with some red cabbage shreds, Green athletes! This stuff is loaded with polyphenols which benefit the brain like nothing else. Braise it up with this recipe, which also includes beets listed below for one brain-boosting powerhouse dish!

  5. Beets

    This root veggie can help boost your mind power because consuming it can increase blood flow to the brain. And blood flow to the brain helps up mental performance when you need it the most! Try this beautiful little plant on top of your next salad. 

    What are your favorite plant-based foods for boosting your brain power for your athletic feats? Let us know!