Your smile is one of the first things people see when you meet them. It’s an attribute that’s remembered and a way for others to begin reading your personality. You really only get one chance at a first impression, so make sure your pearly whites are helping you to do just that!

You do have choices from a number of natural, chemical-free toothpastes out there on the market, and the flavors and textures are not repulsive! Or, you can make your own fresh tasting toothpaste powder at home from natural ingredients like baking soda, bentonite clay, sea salt, and peppermint oil.

It’s safe to say that you would prefer to have naturally white teeth over obviously chemical forced bright white teeth. So, what can you do at home and everyday for whiter teeth? Along with drinking water daily, which promotes saliva production while rinsing teeth of loose plague, start eating foods, like these plant-based foods, that may help to maintain your naturally white smile.