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The 10 Best Fair Trade Teas

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Tea is the second most popular drink in the world after water. A whopping 70,000 cups are consumed every second! Up to 50 million people are connected to the tea industry, most of whom reside in the least developed countries. A major concern for tea producers is the increasingly unpredictable weather in tea growing regions. Deforestation and changing weather patterns have led to a reduction in overall rainfall. Long droughts are often interrupted by violent floods. In effect, the rain that does fall is not properly absorbed into the soil, greatly reducing yield.

One of the benefits of fair trade tea is the emphasis on sustainable development. The Adaptation for Smallholders to Climate Change (AdapCC) is a pilot-program that “supports coffee and tea farmers in developing strategies to cope with the risks and impacts of climate change.” By purchasing the following fair trade teas, you are helping farmers implement sustainable growing practices that will hopefully allow for steadier crop yields.

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