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Oh, how people have come to sing the praises of baking soda. As the population — Green Monsters included — better clue in on how the world might work a little better, we are looking for sustainable, natural and neutral ways of keeping our planet clean and our health tip-top. Surprisingly, this pursuit has led us back to the days of old and reinvigorated the craze over baking soda.

Whether it’s in the medicine cabinet, in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink, in the cupboard or amongst the lost items on the lower shelf of the fridge, baking soda finds a way to earn its keep and keep things running smoothly. Twenty ways doesn’t fully encapsulate the potential of baking soda, but we have to start somewhere.

1. Toothpaste

How to Make Your Own Natural Tooth PowderHow to Make Natural Tooth Powder

Due to its mild abrasiveness, baking soda makes for an effective toothpaste with whitening power. Just combine it with a little coconut oil and peppermint oil. Careful not to use it too often and damage tooth enamel. Brushing with just water can help prevent decay as well.

2. Facial Scrub

The same abrasive characteristic, yet mildness, also makes it a good ingredient for exfoliating. Wet baking soda with a bit a water and scrub away the bad stuff.

3. Deodorant

Baking soda is great at absorbing bad odors, and armpits are great at producing them. Combine the two and things get balanced. No need for harmful perfumes and chemicals.

4. Hair Care

Though not quite as luxurious a feeling, baking soda makes a good shampoo, removing grease and nastiness from hair. Just mix about a teaspoon in half a cup of water. It can be followed by apple cider vinegar, which works as conditioner.

5. Clean Brushes/Combs

If it can clean the grime from our scalps, then it makes sense that we could use baking soda to keep brushes and combs clean. Make a solution with water and soak them overnight.

6. Itch Relief

A paste made wit just baking soda and water can be applied to bug bites and rashes to provide a bit relief for the irritated skin.

7. Antacid

Baking soda makes for a great antacid, helping those who suffer from heartburn. Our pancreases naturally produce sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to help neutralize stomach acid. When it’s not getting the job done, give it a little help.

8. Flatulence Prevention

While beans are magically delicious and a great source of protein, they are also a great source of flatulence. Adding a little baking soda to the water when soaking beans can help with that.

9. Splinter Removal

Few things are as irritating, mentally and physically, as a splinter that just won’t come out. Soak the area in some warm water with a bit of baking soda in it to help remove splinters.

10. Foot Soother

Feet can be really problematic sometimes: hard skin, toenail fungus, serious stank. Instead of feeling down, soak them for fifteen or more minutes in some warm water with a couple tablespoons of baking soda.

11. Tile Scrub

Just as baking soda can be an effective abrasive for polishing teeth and exfoliating faces, it works equally well for cleaning grout and tiles, helping to keep tubs and sinks sparkling.

12. Drain Cleaner

Drains get clogged. It’s a fact of life. But, don’t go all chemically to fix it. Wash a bit of baking soda (half a cup) down the drain with warm water. Chase that with a cup of vinegar. Watch the foamy fireworks.

13. Multipurpose Cleaner

Mixed with a little warm water and given a bit of a scrub, baking soda helps to clean all sorts of tough stuff: coffee pots, pans, stovetops, toilets, the dishwasher, the microwave and the like.

14. Grease/Oil Remover

Being very absorbent and having serious cleaning power, baking soda sprinkled over grease spots or oil (like in the garage) can help get things looking nice again.

15. Carpet Freshener

Just as it absorbs bad smells in the fridge or under our arms, sprinkle some baking soda on carpet that has had fresher days, and it will help restore calm in the nasal passages.

16. Deodorizer

Speaking of stinky things, a recurring subject here, baking soda can help deodorize shoes, socks, drawers, closets, fridges, drains, and various other choice items.

17. Weed Prevention

May Round-Up never be used again. Pushing piles of baking soda in cracks and crevices of the sidewalk and driveway will help keep weeds at bay. Vinegar is also a good weed killer. Do it naturally!

18. Safe Sidewalks

Speaking of sidewalks, instead of salt, which can be very corrosive, apply baking soda to icy sidewalks to help prevent accidents.

19. Laundry Lift

Tossing some baking soda into the laundry will help to keep clothes brighter and cleaner. It’s great for dealing with cloth baby diapers.

20. Floor Cleaner

It’s amazing the things a simple mixture of warm water and baking soda can do. In this case, it can help restore some shimmer to floors with dulled finishes.

Image source: Geo-grafika/Shutterstock