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So, I’m doing the “no-poo” experiment on my hair.  For those of you who don’t know, this doesn’t mean that you don’t cleanse your hair at all.  Just that you don’t use traditional shampoos, which have harsh chemicals that strip your hair of it’s natural oils.  They also leave residue behind that can be damaging to your hair.

Apparently, cleansing your hair with a baking soda and water rinse is enough to remove dirt and excess oil, leaving your hair clean, shiny, and healthier.  I was skeptical I’ll admit, especially because I’ve been using styling products, and I didn’t think this would be enough to remove them.  I was wrong!  It works like a charm.  Here’s the most exciting part.  It’s practically free to make.  I’ve been wasting hundreds of dollars (at least) per year on products that were supposed to give me better hair, when all along I could have been using this simple recipe for pennies a month!

Here’s where I get hung up, though – I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle!  And delicious smelling products that just make you feel prettier when you use them!  So I went the extra mile and infused my cleanser with rosemary and mint, two herbs that are reported to be excellent for scalp health – which supposedly leads to stronger, faster-growing hair.  Whether it makes your hair grow faster or not I couldn’t yet say, but at least it smells great!  To satisfy my desire for an attractive package, I used glass bottles that I already had and made my own labels to stick on them.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy to look at them.  A glass bottle isn’t practical in the shower, though, so I’ll store these on my bathroom shelf where they can be seen, and I’ll keep refilling a plastic squeeze bottle to use in the shower for now.

Rosemary & Mint "No Poo" Hair Cleansing Rinse

Cleansing Rinse Recipe


  • 2 cups water
  • 2-inch sprig fresh rosemary
  • 2-inch sprig fresh mint
  • 2 Tbl baking soda

Bring water to a boil and remove from heat.  Add the rosemary and mint to the water and cover, let steep for 20 minutes.  Pour through a strainer and allow the liquid to completely cool.  Stir in baking soda until dissolved.  Store in a clean container.

To Use: 

Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water to soften up any dirt and product.  Pour a few tablespoons of the cleansing rinse (more if you have very long or thick hair) onto your hair at the roots and massage into your scalp for a minute or two to loosen any dirt and oils.  Work through to the ends, then rinse thoroughly.  Bear in mind that your hair won’t feel the same as it does when you shampoo it – don’t freak out.  Let it dry and see how it feels then.  Also, many people have reported that it takes up to a month for your scalp to adjust to not compensating for the harsh chemicals in regular shampoo, so you may find your hair seems oily in the first couple of weeks.  I didn’t really find this to be the case.  If it’s true for you, though, remember that it will pass and it’s worth it – so hang in there if you can!

You can follow this cleansing rinse with a conditioning rinse made with either vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water.

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1 Years Ago

oohh I started the \'No Poo\' journey a week ago! I will make this and try it out tonight! Thanks for the recipe xx

Leonard Eisenstein
1 Years Ago

who would really want real poo in their hair

Emma Hurley
1 Years Ago

Gweny Fifield

Gweny Fifield
15 Nov 2016


Valarie Krilowicz
1 Years Ago

Jackie Montes

Athan Phillips
1 Years Ago

Emma Highland

Zena Braithwaite
1 Years Ago

Just use a mild shampoo and stop trying these idiotic fads with tea, vinegar and bicarb.

Terri Ann Ward
15 Nov 2016

Let people do what ever the hell they want to do. Is it hurting you?

Zena Braithwaite
15 Nov 2016

Terri Ann Ward, not hurting me but it getting on my nerves lasses with greasy hair whinging about no poo not working.

29 Mar 2017

even mild shampoos have harmful chemicals and yes some of us care about that. Either that or we are all just doing this "fad" of caring about our health and our environment just to piss YOU off!

Sophia Rae
1 Years Ago

I'm thinking…… if one has poo in their hair, perhaps it's not the shampoo they need to change but their lifestyle. ;p

Marjorie Marshall
14 Nov 2016


Tiffany Nicole
1 Years Ago

Ashley Millican

Rocio K. Perez
1 Years Ago

Kate Siver!

Kate Siver
14 Nov 2016

Ha! Love it!

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