Keep Bugs at Bay with these Natural Bug Repellents

Summer is almost here and you’re excited to be able to sit out on your patio, head to the lake for boating, hang out at your cottage, hit the road for some camping trips, or you could even be traveling to other parts of the world.  No matter where you are, there are bugs and insects that want to sting or bite you for their food or they see you as a threat.

Whenever your in the outdoors there is always two necessities you want to make sure you bring along or pack: sunscreen and bug repellent.  If you don’t use either one, you are going to feel the effects of not using either one.  Either you will be enjoying a pleasant time in the outdoors or you will be itching that sunburn and those bug bites.

Sometimes it is hard to resist scratching those bug bites, but the problem is, scratching will exacerbate the itchiness and make it bleed.  So the best thing to do is avoid getting the bites in the first place.

Many of the commercial bug repellents have chemicals in them that get into your bloodstream and can potentially be harmful.  Here are some natural bug repellents to keep bugs at bay:

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