For many of us across the country, it’s about time to get out those gardening gloves for some warm-weather planting and composting. Did you know that we all have a great resource that will enrich the soil of these projects right in our kitchens?

If you’re a coffee drinker (or someone in your house is), you can use those used coffee grounds to enrich the soil with added minerals and organic matter.

Composting, to begin with, is an incredibly green act. And you of course can’t go wrong with gardening, especially if you use organic methods. What’s more is that you’ll be re-using coffee grounds you may have otherwise tossed — a win-win situation in our books! So, drink up that coffee and use your buzz to head out for some gardening/composting, Green Monsters! For more on why you might want to try adding used coffee grounds to your garden and compost, check out this video!

Lead image source: Editor at Large / Wikimedia Commons