Every now and then, you just need some hand sanitizer. Maybe a place to wash your hands isn’t available, you’re using public transportation, or you’re around some sneezy children — for whatever reason, it’s great to have a quick spray of sanitizer available so you don’t feel the germ burn.

But traditional store-bought hand sanitizers can contain a host of not-so-great for you ingredients and toxic chemical scents you just don’t need to expose yourself to. But never fear, my friends, we are here to help you concoct your own little mix so you never have to go without!


Parts and Ingredients

You’ll first need a spray bottle of some kind — preferable a little glass one if you can find it at your local natural goods store. A 4 – 6 ounce bottle would work well for this mix.

Then, you’ll need:

20 drops of 100 percent pure essential tea tree oil (tea tree oil is well known for its unique ability to kill bacteria. As Thursday Plantation explains, it’s antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial: “In World War II, soldiers were even issued with the oil in their first aid kits!”)

10 drops of another essential oil of your choice for a natural scent (if you wish)


1.5  tablespoons of witch hazel (works great as an antiseptic. Home Remedies Web explains: ” The tannins, volatile oils, gallic acid, resin, flavonoids (procyanidins), and other natural components in it give Witch Hazel its astringent, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities.” )

1 tablespoon of pure aloe vera gel (this stuff will soften and moisturize your skin and also help stave off bacteria. Aloe plant info notes: ” Some of the many biologically active compounds that are found in aloe leaves include anthraquinones, several lectins, sallcylic acid and acetylated mannans and ploymannans. It is thought that two of these are what give aloe vera its antibacterial properties. The first are the anthraquinones. These are actually an entire group of phenolic compounds which can be found in the sap. They include barbaloin, anthracene, emodin, and anthrone-C-glycosides and chromones. These are found in most aloe vera plants and all of them are potent antimicrobial agents. Sallcylic acid is the other compound thought to give aloe vera its antibacterial qualities. It is an aspirin-like substance that shows high antibacterial action and also acts as an anti-inflammatory.”).



Now, mix these ingredients into a small bowl.

Fill your spray bottle 1/2 of the way with cool, filtered water.


Using a small funnel if you have one available (or some careful maneuvering if you don’t), put the contents of your bowl into the remaining 1/2 of the bottle. Don’t overfill.

Place the top of the spray bottle on and give it a good shake to mix everything together.

You now have a bottle of completely chemical-free hand sanitizer! Keep this on hand and mixup new batches as often as you need to. You’ll save yourself from needless chemicals, artificial scents, and, not to mention, a few bucks on buying the store-bought natural stuff if that’s what you were doing before.

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