Right about now, you probably fall into one of two major camps centered on the fast-approaching holidays: you’re either already all holiday-ed out and ready for the hustle and bustle and extra traffic to settle, or you’re wishing that the holidays could last forever beyond next week – you’re basically the movie character Elf, hopped up on cookies and raw maple syrup and bursting with joy that it’s your favorite time of year.

Now, whether you’re in the former or latter stance at this point, this article is here to help your DIY beauty wishes come true. If you’re sort of over all of it, here’s your chance to take advantage of the availability of holiday-themed products found all over basically every store right now and make the best of the situation by making yourself the most glorious version of you with these easy DIY beauty ideas. If you’re definitely not at all over it, then you’ll be bursting with joy at your chance to use holiday-themed products in your DIY Beauty projects. Note: before you add any of these ingredients to your DIY projects, as always, be sure to do a spot check in an inconspicuous area before adding a full portion to any mix.


Spruce Up Your Facial with Peppermint Oil

Green Tea ... It's Not Just For Sipping

Add some peppermint oil to your facial. Peppermint oil is not only oh-so-holiday, but it’s totally invigorating and can stimulate your pores like no other ingredient. Mix a drop of this stuff into your DIY facial mask, and you’ll be fresh-faced and all sorts of Christmas-y for your next holiday party.

Scrub Up with Cloves and Cinnamon

If you make DIY body scrubs, try mixing things up by adding a sprinkle of finely-ground cloves and a dash or two of cinnamon. Your skin will be silky-smooth and you’ll smell like Grandma’s house during the holidays (in a good way). If you’re not sure where to start with a scrub, you can try our Cinnamon Coffee scrub and change out the coffee for cloves.

Smile Bright With a Cranberry Lip Stain

Make Your Own Vegan Organic Lip Tint

Cranberries are a great DIY beauty ingredient year round, but take advantage of the extra presence of them through the holiday months and uses these bright berries to crush and make your own lip stain. As a base, try our recipe for a vegan organic lip tint and sub out the beet powder for the juice of raw cranberries.

Exfoliate With Vanilla and Sugar

Mix together a few drops of liquid vanilla with some pure sugar (use brown sugar for best results) and add to an oil of your choice (coconut oil is always a good choice) for a hand and face exfoliator so heavenly that you’ll want to eat it (and, in fact, you can if you wish!)


Put Blackheads to Bed With Molasses

Molasses is, in short, sticky goodness you can use in all your holiday baked goods – but did you know you can use it to help clear up blackheads, too? The sticky stuff will grab hold to those clogged pores and help pull the gunk out. Check out this great idea for a blackhead clearing mask made with blackstrap molasses.

Whether you’re the pre-heart-expansion Grinch or the every-cheery Elf at this point in the holiday season, your DIY beauty game can be heightened – and your spirits lifted – with these holiday-inspired ingredients. Take an hour from the bustling holiday season and take care of yourself with some of these ideas, and you will feel and look refreshed and ready for your next event in pure holiday-inspired style.

For more ideas for your DIY beauty routine, check out the Ultimate Guide to DIY: Beauty.

Lead image source: DIY Peppermint Vanilla Lips Scrub