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Sprouted foods are incredibly nutritious for you!

They are lower on the glycemic index than their un-sprouted counterparts. When seeds are allowed to sprout, they use a large amount of stored glucose as an energy source in order to make “sprouting” happen. You probably know glucose by its more common name sugar. Since the plant saps up that glucose while sprouting, it means that the end product is lower on the glycemic index. On top of that, sprouted foods have a higher nutrient content — the sprouting process “allows the hard shell of the seed to break open, releasing and retaining more protein, healthy fat, and minerals — and sprouted foods are also easier for you to digest! This is mainly due to the fact that they have hucked and removed that hard outer shell, they are much easier for your digestive system to process. This is great news for those of us that aren’t necessarily gluten-sensitive but have a harder time with grains.

Yet, while sprouted foods — grains, legumes, and seeds — are a great option to reap all of these benefits, what about just the sprouts themselves?

Turns out sprouts retain all of these wonderful qualities as well.

Take broccoli sprouts. These little green sprouts happen to be one of nature’s top cancer-fighting plant-based foods due to high content levels of a compound called sulforaphane. What is sulforaphane? It’s an “anticarcinogen and antibacterial compound” which acts as a “bodyguard by neutralizing free radicals, while also encouraging the production of antioxidant enzymes.”

Once you’ve got a kit, like those listed below, you can move forward with sprouting a variety of your favorite foods including celery, chia, kale, onion, alfalfa, almonds, mung beans, soybeans, lentils, and peas, to name just a few.

1. Handy Pantry Kitchen Crop Sprouting KitHandy Pantry Kitchen Crop Sprouting Kit

Handy Pantry Kitchen Crop Sprouting Kit

This Handy pantry Kitchen Crop Sprouting Kit is great for beginners! This kit includes not only an easy to follow instruction booklet and a four tray kitchen crop sprouter, but also a sampler of non-GMO, organic alfalfa seeds, lentil seeds, and bean salad sprouting mix. By using the “Sprouting For Health” booklet, you’ll learn popular methods for sprouting, wheatgrass cultivation, and will have nutrition facts at your fingertips! The Handy Pantry Kitchen Crop Sprouting Kit makes over 3 pounds of sprouts and when you’ve finished with the sample pack, simply visit Handy Pantry to purchase a wide variety of refill sprouts and additional supplies if necessary. One kit costs $31.99.

mynou says “Easy to use, great instructions, and we are getting all the benefit of growing sprouts in the kitchen. I would recommend for all who are interested in the benefits in eating sprouts. Valuable, healthy, and easy to use. Totally recommended.”

2. The Sprout Stand Sprouting KitSprout Stand Sprouting Kit

Sprout Stand Sprouting Kit

For those of us who are not only looking for quality but also aesthetic appeal, this may be the product for you! The Sprout Stand Sprouting Kit is on the higher end of the financial spectrum, but this product is about both function and beauty. It features a unique custom-made cedar stand, which is one of the most water-resistant woods. The Sprout Stand Sprouting Kit also provides perfect sprouting humidity levels, great drainage, and appropriate air circulation, all of which prevent the dreaded mold. This kit includes 1 double cedar stand, 2 mason jars, 2 large mesh green screens (for beans, grains, and larger seeds), 2 small mesh white screens (for small seeds), and 2 clear glass draining bowls. One kit costs $74.95.

Monica says “Beautiful and functional!”

3. Kenley Seed Sprouting Jar KitKenley Seed Sprouting Jar Kit

Kenley Seed Sprouting Jar Kit

This Kenley Seed Sprouting Jar Kit contains a fully equipped microgreen sprouting set complete with 3 regular mouth glass mason jars, sprouting lids and screens, 3 sturdy stands, and 3 ceramic trays. Each sprouting jar promises proper drainage and ventilation to avoid mold. Plus, this kit is super simple! Once you receive your kit, simply choose your seeds, add water, soak for 8 to 12 hours, rinse once a day, and within 2 to three days you’ll have your first sprouts. The classic BPA-free mason jar and the understated black tray will fit any kitchen motif. On top of that, the mason jars are dishwasher safe, making them even easier to keep clean between uses. One kit costs $43.99.

Olga Goldberger says “I tried sprouting for the first time! And it worked great with broccoli sprouts! I think i put too much of the seeds since the sprouts completely filled all three jars in about 4 days. I add them to salads and smoothies.I highly recommend the kit!”

4. Handy Pantry Complete Sprouting KitHandy Pantry Complete Sprouting Kit

Handy Pantry Complete Sprouting Kit

Yet, another sprouting kit from this trusted brand! This Handy Pantry Complete Sprouting Kit includes a bit more than it’s beginner counterpart — the Kitchen Crop Sprouting Kit — with everything you need for sprouting including an instruction booklet, three growing trays, and three packets of Handy Pantry certified organic sprouting seeds (alfalfa, salad mix, and protein powerhouse mix). Plus, with this kit, you’ll be able to grow multiple crops at the same time amplifying your output! Handy Pantry promises their product to be easy to use and clean, eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free. One kit costs $25.93.

RK says “I just had my first crop, and I love this setup! Very easy to rinse, stacks into a small space, sprouts are delicious (fresh, and not at all waterlogged).”

5. Lanting Sprouting Jar Lids and Stands Stainless Steel KitLanting Sprouting Jar Lids and Stands Stainless Steel Kit

Lanting Sprouting Jar Lids and Stands Stainless Steel Kit

This Lanting Sprouting Jar Lids and Stands Stainless Steel Kit offers a sleek and sturdy design made from non-slip, rust-proof 100 percent stainless steel. This kit was specifically designed for 32-ounce, wide-mouthed mason jars, which are the perfect tool for making organic sprout seeds right in your kitchen. Plus, when you’re not sprouting, the foldable stand also acts as a holder for your tablet! Lanting promises this product to be simple to use, convenient to clean and perfect to sprout those seeds of yours. One kit costs $12.98.

Rpclark says, “These stands are great … just make sure you put the jar in the stand the way it is shown so that it is leaning on the longer arm. We put them in incorrectly at first and the jar fell out and shattered on the floor. Otherwise, if you put the jars on the stands correctly, they work like a charm.”

6. Chef’n Countertop Sprouter Growing KitChef'n Countertop Sprouter Growing Kit

Chef’n Countertop Sprouter Growing Kit

Looking for a super simple, small sprouter for a smaller sized kitchen? Don’t want a huge sprouting kit taking over what little space you have? This Chef’n Countertop Sprouter Growing Kit may be the perfect sprouting kit to fit your needs. This kit has been specifically designed to be discreet, yet effective with a glass vessel and sleek base. It creates an ideal sprout-growing environment with a ventilation system to increase airflow and reduce mold. Plus, Chef’n Countertop Sprouter Growing Kit has a unique discreet pouring spout that avoids splashing during your daily rinses. One kit costs $24.98.

Heather F. says, “This is a great little sprouted. It looks nice on the counter. I haven’t grown anything other than alfalfa sprouts, but it works great for them. I found if I drain it slowly from the side rather the front for the first couple days I’ll lose few if any seeds. I use a heavy tablespoon of seeds and it’s just the right amount.”

7. Sprout-Ease Jar Seed Sprouter 1 qt Growin CapSprout-Ease Jar Seed Sprouter 1 qt Growin Cap

Source: Sprout-Ease Jar Seed Sprouter 1 qt Growin Cap

This Sprout-Ease Jar Seed Sprouter 1 qt Growin Cap is perfect for a beginner looking to get their feet wet in the sprouting world! This kit is designed to sit discreetly in your kitchen. It includes three jar toppers which means you can try your hand at a variety of small, medium and large sprouts, such as lentils, alfalfa, and radishes. In just three to five days, your sprouts will be ready for consumption! One kit costs $10.06.

envirogeek says “This is my second Jar Seed Sprouter in about 15 years. I lost the first one in a move, or I’d still be using it. After losing it, I forgot for a while how awesome sprouting is (sad to say). But now I’m back, hardcore. Using this system, I sprout seeds every three or four days. It does a perfect job, and I have zero complaints. I use Sprouting Seeds Broccoli and Friends 1 Pound Broccoli Seed, Crimson Clover Seed, Red Radish Seed, Alfalfa Seed with it, and the results are fantastic. As far as I can tell, there are no un-sprouted seeds. The harvest is grand, my friends.”

8. GEFU Sprouting JARGEFU Sprouting JAR

GEFU Sprouting JAR

This GEFU Sprouting JAR features a modern design and aesthetic appeal without sacrificing quality. Made with glass, silicone, ABS plastic, and high-quality stainless steel, the GEFU Sprouting JAR creates the perfect sprouting conditions with appropriate ventilation and circulation and is super simple and easy to use. Plus, this sprouting kit will fit discreetly in your kitchen with a diameter of 7.2″ and a height of 5 inches. GEFU’s sprouting kit aims to avoid a dangerous buildup of bacteria and fungus in this miniature greenhouses perfect climatic conditions to grow fresh sprouts! One kit costs $27.95.

Vivilicious says “I’ve tried them all and this is the absolute best! The rinsing is made so incredibly easy. Everything takes place in the same jar and no messy paper towels or seedling trays or anything else involved. Best of all — No MOLD! Attached a pic of one level of my old awesome sprouter with the new ones in the background, and another with red clover almost ready to harvest after four days. I’m in love. Highly recommended!”

9. Super Sprouter 24-Site Micro Greenhouse Kit w/ Grodan PlugsSuper Sprouter 24-Site Micro Greenhouse Kit w/ Grodan Plugs

Super Sprouter 24-Site Micro Greenhouse Kit w/ Grodan Plugs

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned sprouter, this kit features everything you’ll need! This Super Sprouter 24-Site Micro Greenhouse Kit w/ Grodan Plugs provides a unique miniature greenhouse environment that is perfect for both plant or seed stock. The kit comes with an “8-inch x 12 inch grow tray, 24 site tray insert pre-filled with Grodan MacroPlugs, a 4-inch humidity dome with adjustable vent and the Super Sprouter Art of Propagation booklet with expert growing tips.” While you may be able to cultivate multiple crops, this kit is still small enough to fit on your kitchen counter! One kit costs $30.81.

Deep Forest says “This is a nice, all-in-one growing kit. My seeds came up and are thriving. The heating mat is working great, and the grow light is working well as my seedlings are getting more leaves and growing up strong and full. I like that the clear dome lid has two adjustable vents on top to help control the moisture level inside. This helps prevent mold growth or helps prevent the seedlings from drying out too much. I would recommend this to my friends for sure.”

10. Alcedia Premium Sprouting KitAlcedia Premium Sprouting Kit

Source: Alcedia Premium Sprouting Kit

Looking for simplicity, beauty, and quality? This Alcedia Premium Sprouting Kit combines all of these desired qualities into the perfect kitchen-countertop sprouting kit. This kit includes all the essential tools needed to grow and harvest sprouts and microgreens. This easy to use hanging design offers proper essential ventilation and drainage to keep your sprouts free of mold, bacteria, and fungus. Alcedia promises that their kit will not only provide a decorative accouterment to your kitchen, but the superior borosilicate glass, wide-mouthed, one-quart jar allows for easy cleaning, accessibility, and large sprout yield. One kit costs $26.99.

Helen Hawn says “This beautifully designed seed sprouter stands out from similar products. In my opinion, nothing compares. I’ve enjoyed having it on display in my kitchen and a friend told me she bought one after seeing mine. Even beyond that, the thoughtful design features like the wide mouth and handcrafted “ear” on the jar to hang for drainage make this product very functional. The Surgical Stainless steel mesh strainer is another feature I like very much.”

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