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Easy, Chemical-Free, Two-Ingredient DIY Lip Salves

As the temperatures begin to drop and the cooler winds of fall blow in, you may find certain parts of your body drying out, namely your skin and especially your face, as this is the part we typically cover least. Worst of all is the fall dry lip factor – as you may already know all too well, chapped, rough lips are a staple of cooler temps. Well, my friends, let the ingredients of your own kitchen save you; spare your hard-earned money and avoid the conventional lip balms found in the store – you’ll save money and avoid chemicals and preservatives a’ plenty.

For most salves, you’ll need an oil base. My favorite? Good old coconut oil. Know for its hydrating properties, this wondrous concoction tastes great and is totally non-toxic. Plus, if you’re vegan, you’ll be avoiding the questionable beeswax base most natural brands of Chapstick offer up for you in the grocery store. For coconut oil, I typically opt for an unrefined organic kind – this will run you about $7 for a jar – but, trust me, all you need is a dab for lip salves, and the dab goes a long way. If you dedicate one jar to use for lips only, it should last you through the fall, winter, and possibly beyond, depending on your usage.

Here are just a few ideas for your salve concoctions:

  • For a clear salve, mix two parts coconut oil to one part vanilla extract.
  • For a slightly darker look, blend two parts coconut oil with one part cherry extract.
  • For a cool wintery feel, combine two parts coconut oil with one part spearmint oil.

If you’re missing summer already, mix two parts coconut oil with one part orange extract.

I tend to mix a small jar at a time to carry around with me for instant dry-lips-fixes. You can usually find glass jars of a few different sizes in your local natural goods store – or, try looking here. No matter how you mix it, you’ll be saving money, sparing yourself the added chemicals, and hydrating your lips all fall and winter long.

Image Source: Cara Faus/Flickr