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Stuck inside and looking for ways to make yourself feel better in your own four walls? It’s time to get your indoor gardening on! Incorporating indoor plants to your home’s aesthetics is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also has health and mental benefits. Keep in mind that when you take on indoor plants, then you’ll need to tend to them on occasion. This means getting your hands dirty!

Of course, this is the true magic of indoor plants and gardening alike!

Turns out that “dirt contains a natural antidepressant called mycobacterium vaccae,” which causes “cytokine levels to increase, which in turn boosts the production of serotonin — ” that feel-good hormone that your body naturally makes and gets from stimulation such as physical activity.

On top of that, indoor plants have been found to help clear toxins and improve air quality, — acting as natural air purifiers — reduces feelings of sickness via microclimates that increase air humidity, — specifically reducing feelings of fatigue, pain, coughing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and dry throat — and increases cognitive ability, — boosting quality and accuracy of work, memory retention, creativity, and productivity.

Plus, having indoor plants is also a good way to get your booty off the couch and move around the house!

You’ll be lifting semi to heavy watering cans at least once or twice a week to water those lovely plants. You’ll find yourself repotting, which involves lifting handling bags of soil, digging, and gently firming up the dirt. You may also find yourself constantly moving those heavy pots around the house to find that perfect slightly sunny, slightly shady spot for your indoor plant.

Need more motivation? Gardening of any kind actually promotes mental stimulation — think of it as a workout for your mental well-being.

This includes mental hurdles that will keep your mind busy and working towards goals such as unknowingly practicing acceptance, stumbling over perfectionism, achieving patience, connecting to the world around you, allowing yourself to be present, and, for those with a veggie garden, eating healthier!

Alright already! You’re swayed and want to start incorporating plants. With that said, you don’t really want to go about killing those poor plants because you’re a beginner. Luckily, there are a handful of house plants that are perfect for inexperienced gardeners. These plants are hardy, don’t require perfect sun exposure, need little watering, and will still love you at the end of it all!

1. American Plant Exchange Golden Pothos Vine61QTT2xQJ9L. AC SY450

American Plant Exchange Golden Pothos Vine/Amazon

The Golden Pothos Vine is one of the most popular indoor plants for both beginners and experienced green thumbs alike! Be aware that it’s an aggressive plant, which means you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with its lengthy, beautiful, emerald vines, and requires minimal care. This American Plant Exchange Golden Pothos Vine will sprout beautiful heart-shaped leaves and helps to purify the air. If you live in a warm climate, this plant can also be moved outdoors in shaded areas. Great for busy, non-plant people looking to add some color and aesthetic appeal to their home.  One plant in a 6-inch pot costs $34.16.

Zarilla says “I usually pay $14.99 for the quart size pathos online and at local places like the hardware store. NONE are in as beautiful condition as these. I bought five because it was such a fantastic deal. Each plant arrived in tall narrow boxes just big enough to contain the plants, and there were NO styrofoam peanuts. The reason for the tall shipping containers was because of the long vines. All five plants arrived with at least two feet or longer vines. Each plant was ready to be transferred to a hanging planter with full, rich soil, not mulch. The leaves had not been treated with a conditioner or waxing products. They were naturally full, shiny, and lush. I will be buying more from this seller.”

2. Shop Succulents Chlorophytum Bonnie Spider Plant81NNFxw7MLL. AC SX522

Shop Succulents Chlorophytum Bonnie Spider Plant/

Spider plants provide a wonderful pop of light green to a colorless room! Along with being easy to care for, — “spider plants are not picky about water, light, or temperature” — they are great to propagate meaning you can take snipping and grow an entirely new plant. This Shop Succulents Chlorophytum Bonnie Spider Plant will be selected for you based upon season, size, health, and readiness ensuring the best quality plant arrives at your front doorstep. Make sure to provide a bit of sun, a bit of warmth, a bit of water, and no need for fertilization! One plant in a 4-inch pot costs $26.91.

Michelle says “This was my first experience buying a plant over the internet. I was so worried for no reason! I got the exact plant I’ve always wanted and it came very healthy. My local USPS held it for an extra 2 days after it was supposed to be delivered, but it survived and looks wonderful in my kitchen. Once it grows bigger and starts making babies I’m going to put it in a hanging pot. I LOVE spider plants! It looks a little smooshed in the picture, but weeks later it has outgrown that.”

3. Costa Farms Snake Plant81E6cMb9e1L. AC SX522

Costa Farms Snake Plant/

Another of the highly popular indoor plants! Snake plants enjoy “plenty of life, but they can handle less if necessary,” plus they’re not “particular about watering — as long as it is not too much.” This Costa Farms Snake Plant will product “stiff, upright, sword-like leaves banded or edged in gray, silver, or gold” and is great for low-light areas such as offices, bedrooms, or bathrooms. Costa Farms promises this snake plant to arrive at approximately 12 inches tall and ships in a 100 percent recyclable number 5 material. Costa Farms uses premium soil, slow-release fertilizer, and promises premium plants. One plant in a white natural decor planter costs $27.99.

Avt says “I am so impressed with my plant. I was very skeptical ordering a live plant from amazon, but no local greenhouses carried snake plants so after reading the reviews, I decided to go for it. I’m so glad I did. Better than expected. I needed a low maintenance plant for our bright master bathroom and I love it so far.
I would definitely order again from this seller. It’s healthy and full. So pleased!”

4. Hirt’s Gardens Peace Lily Plant51m6Fl9XFvL

Hirt’s Gardens Peace Lily Plant/

Peace lilies are not only beautiful and understated, but they’re “one of the most enduring and popular houseplants.” They do their best work in “high- or low-light situations, and the roots tolerate a variety of irrigation habits.” This Hirt’s Gardens Peace Lily Plant is guaranteed home-grown by Hirt’s Gardens and will arrive in a healthy condition in a 6-inch pot. Plus, peace lilies bloom year-round! One plant in a 6-inch pot costs $15.99.

ThePlantLady says “Such a beautiful and healthy plant! The first pic is now (I got it in September) the 2nd is the day I got her. I have new leaves and the flowers have bloomed. She is one of my favorite plant babies (don’t tell the others) I have not yet repotted her, I’ll wait for the spring I don’t want to stress her out. Her roots are fine in the grower pot for now. She is thriving beautifully. A good watering every two weeks with drainage but I also spray once weekly with room temp distilled water and a little neem oil. I had one leaf go yellow and I think it was because it’s getting dry here in the Midwest but other than that this plant is an absolute joy.”

5. American Plant Exchange Striped Dracaena Lemon Lime Plant61FbaMsNhaL. AC SX522

American Plant Exchange Striped Dracaena Lemon Lime Plant/

Beautiful and sultry, Dracaena plants vary in color and size with leaves that are green, yellow and green, or even tri-colored. These plants are perfect for beginners, requiring regular watering through the summer, yet almost none in the winter. This American Plant Exchange Striped Dracaena Lemon Lime Plant will eventually produce 2-foot-long, sword-shaped leaves and can reach between 5 and ten feet tall at full maturity. Dracaena will purify the air in your home, are super easy to grow, and can do well with indirect light for those dark corners of the house that need some vibrancy. One plant in a 6-inch plant costs $19.99.

RubyGalore says “Stunning healthy plant, just as pictured and doing well in its new home. First experience with American Plant Exchange and it won’t be the last.”

6. Plants for Pets Succulent Plants8147Eq37DCL. AC SX522

Plants for Pets Succulents Plants/

If you’re that person that will guarantee to kill a plant, then it’s time to invest in some succulents. As they are desert plants, they require very minimal watering and care, yet enjoy lots of sunlight. Succulents have beautiful “thick, fleshy leaves … [and] some of them have spines.”  These Plants for Pets Succulents Plants are hand-selected for a unique variety and to ensure that they are fully rooted in 2-inch pots before shipping. These succulents don’t require fertilizer and great for DIY home decor ideas. A 5-pack of fully rooted plants costs $17.95.

LCF says “I decided to buy this set because I wanted to bring a little life into my workshop that didn’t require too much attention. I was very shocked when I received them at how tiny they were, but during one of my trips to Lowes I was able to buy some succulent potting mix and some cheap pots and after transplanting these they grew SO fast. I am certain they will be ready for even larger pots soon. They were shipped securely and were extremely healthy as you can see from my photo. Since buying these my hobby has gone a little crazy and now I am buying cactus and other things but I highly recommend these for beginners. I even purchased a second set and potted them as a gift to a loved one to bring to the office.”

7. Shop Succulents Cool Cactus Collection of Live Plants71d0uqQfdaL. AC SX522

Shop Succulents Cool Cactus Collection of Live Plants/

If succulents aren’t your thing, but you like the idea of super easy care, try your hand at growing indoor cacti! Cacti usually “have spines and interesting leaf structures, including barrels, paddles, and columns” making them the perfect unique accent for a home. Plus, cacti can withstand tremendous abuse and thrive on neglect, meaning they’re great for beginners who are learning. This Shop Succulents Cool Cactus Collection of Live Plants are only selected if they are mature enough, healthy, and the proper size for shipping. A 4-pack of hand-selected variety of cacti costs $18.99.

8. Costa Farms Live Bromeliad81zgwtQ7ZhL. AC SX522

Costa Farms Live Bromeliad/

Looking for a pop of color? Bromeliad may be the perfect plant for you! This species has beautiful leaves and, with proper care and sunlight, will bloom with brilliant coloring. This Costa Farms Live Bromeliad is the perfect blooming plant to begin with. Once Bromeliad has bloomed, the plant will decline, yet you’ll notice “baby bromeliads (called pups) developing around the base.” To get a bloom, sunlight is key, so make sure you place your plant in an East or West window. Costa Farms ships in 100 percent recyclable number 5 material and promises a premium brand plant! One indoor plant in a 6-inch pot costs $23.99.

Necey says “Plant arrived two days earlier than expected! Was wrapped very well, watered too. Leaves are perfectly green and the red flower is gorgeous! There’s a long stick in the soil, about an inch taller than the plant, don’t know what it’s for though. I’ve bought a couple of Costa Farms plants from my local grocery store and was very impressed with my purchases and their website. When I saw Costa Farms plants on sale for Earth Day, I had to have one! Actually I bought three….this one was the first to arrive. Thank you for such a beautiful plant and perfect delivery! Can’t wait to get the other two!”

9. Brussel’s Bonsai Live Lucky Indoor Bamboo61tJwO72KvL. AC SX522

Brussel’s Bonsai Live Lucky Indoor Bamboo/

Want a bit of luck in your home? Bamboo not only thrives in awful conditions, — including sporadic watering, poor lighting, and bad air quality — but it’s also known to “bring good luck and enhance the chi or energy of their surroundings.” This Brussel’s Bonsai Live Lucky Indoor Bamboo will arrive in a 6-inch container filled with decorative rocks and is great as a centerpiece in your home or to brighten up an office cubicle. This bamboo will arrive between 4 and 6 inches tall. One small 5-stalk, 3-year-old plant in a ceramic pot costs $25.99.

Downside_Upward says “I read a lot of the reviews so I felt I knew what to expect. I ordered this on Sunday and I got it Tuesday! I did order Prime, but with prep times and the weekend was given a confirmed arrival date of Thursday, which was fine- but I got it before I expected it. I love the surprise of not knowing what the pot will look like, it makes the un-boxing feel like Christmas. The tree was packed very well as others have said, I only lost 3 leaves to the shipping. I’ve added some blurry cell phone pictures taken today after un-boxing (why Amazon product pictures must come out blurry is a mystery). I decided to upload the pictures that included my desk clutter to provide scale reference. *Please note that I bought the drip tray separately*.”

10. House Plant Shop Heartleaf Philodendron

81v0OXFfseL. AC SX522

House Plant Shop Heartleaf Philodendron/

A Philodendron is very similar to a Golden Pothos Vine in both ease of care, as well as in aesthetic appeal. It’s extremely easy to grow, requires moderate light, and actually prefers dry soil. This House Plant Shop Heartleaf Philodendron will arrive in a 4-inch pot and comes with a completely free care guide geared towards those beginners! House Plant Shop promises a high-quality plant that is provided via expedited shipping ensuring a healthy plant arrives. One plant in a 4-inch pot costs $12.99.

Kay page says “I was worried about the shipping taking longer than expected (not seller’s fault) but plants came in great condition and as described. Came with a care guide booklet too which was nice to include.”

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