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It is becoming increasingly known that there are some serious issues regarding the fast-fashion industry. Whether it is because of the exploitative conditions under which some of these demanded clothes are made, or the environmental impact the making of these clothes has, the current climate of fashion’s hold on consumers

Aside from waging full-blown boycotts on certain companies for their practices, one simple way you can help to keep the consumer demand for certain fashion items is to buy second-hand as much as you can, and truly wear what you have until it is worn out. Once they are done, try to find somewhere that recycles worn-out fabric.

By worn out, that does not mean worn of its trendiness or worn of its joy in your wardrobe. It means wearing something until it can’t be worn any longer. One really fun way to get more mileage out of your clothes is to learn to mend them yourself.

Whether it’s sewing a button, slapping on a patch, or darning a hole, mending your clothes can be fun, and rewarding and can make an impact on the demand for more of the latest fashion!

The great thing is that you don’t need a fancy sewing machine to give your clothes a second chance. Just a needle, thread, and a bit of will and imagination are all you need to save some money and a bit of the planet, too.

How to Patch Almost Anything

Source: Sew Anastasia/YouTube

Just because you’ve torn or worn a hole in your jeans doesn’t mean the end. Make those Pants truly unique and your own by adding a patch to them.

Make it as inconspicuous as you like by trying to match up the material and color, or go all out hippy with colorful patches across your knees and butt!

How to Darn Your Socks

Source: Last Minute Laura/YouTube

It sucks when a hole forms in the heel or toe of your favorite socks. It feels horrible in your shoe and looks kind of silly walking around with your toe poking out.

It might seem old-fashioned, but darning your socks is simple and can add months of life to socks that would have otherwise fallen by the wayside. If you follow this tutorial, you won’t end up with a knotty lump at your heel.

How to Mend a Tear in Anything

Source: JWo Designs/YouTube

If you are a little more conservative in your dress, or have an item of clothing that wouldn’t do well with a rainbow patch sewn onto it, it is possible to subtly sew a tear so that it appears almost invisible.

All you need is some thread that matches the color of your item of clothing and a moment of patience.

How to Sew on a Button

Source: Nicki Callahan/YouTube


It can be rather annoying to find yourself with a missing button. If you are lucky enough not to have lost said bottom completely, make sure you hang on to it ready for sewing back on.

Many items of clothing often have a spare button sewn around the collar or on the washing instruction label, so check there if you have completely lost it. In the end, you might have to buy a new one. Once you have a button for sewing, it is quite simple to reattach it to its original spot on your shirt.

How to Fix a Faulty Zipper

Source: Science Sir/YouTube

We have all experienced that moment when a zipper decided not to zip anymore. No matter which way you pull up or down, the zipper will not close. This video shows a brilliant hack that might just save your favorite pair of Jeans or bag.

If this doesn’t work, there is always the option of picking out the zipper and replacing it with a new one. The hack above is a lot easier though, so give it a try first.

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