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Non-glazed terracotta pots are perfect for a classic, rustic, no-fuss look for your plants. These pots are made from fired natural clay, making them ideal for many pot plants as the porous clay allows for water drainage.

Terracotta pots, by nature, are pretty fragile, and many gardeners find themselves with broken pots that can’t be recycled. Though they are a natural material, their fired state means they will not biodegrade.

Also, due to their porous property, any harmful bacteria or disease that befalls your plant can get trapped in the clay pot itself. Lots of gardeners do not like to reuse pots too often, at least not without good sterilization.

Terracotta pots, too, can become very aged looking. While some enjoy this vintage patina, other gardeners prefer a crisp, clean look. Moss, algae, general dirt, and mineral build-up can cover terracotta pots, making them less than pristine!

All that said, if you have terracotta pots, either broken or intact, that just don’t cut it for your plant babies anymore, there are a few fun ideas to give said pot a new lease on life. This will at least keep them out of the bin!

1. Lampshade

Source: brooke darwin/YouTube

This is ideal for patinaed or pristine pots! Though terracotta comes with a drainage hole, this is unlikely going to be big enough to hold a light fitting. So, you are going to have to drill a larger hole. For this, you will be a 1 1/2 inch (though check the size of your light fitting to be sure) diamond drill bit.

Find the center of the bottom of the pot, and stick some masking tape over the space that you want to remove. This will help with traction. Before you start drilling, add some water to the bottom of the pot and continue to do so throughout the process to prevent overheating.

Don’t press down too much on the drill as when the hole is finally made the drill can end up dropping through and smashing the bottom of the pot. Instead, just let the weight of the drill do the work.

Once you have your hole, you can screw in your light fixture and bulb!

2. Birdbath

Source: Great Home Ideas/YouTube

If you have a stack of unused terracotta pots, this might be the craft for you. You will also need a sizeable terracotta pot saucer, too. Birdbaths are a great way to attract birds to your garden. Our feathered friends love to have themselves a bath and really appreciate a water source on a hot summer’s day.

As we have already discussed, terracotta pots are famously porous. Filling an unglazed terracotta saucer with water will not drain away immediately but will eventually soak through the clay. You can either keep an eye on your birdbath to make sure it is full, use an already glazed one, or find a non-toxic glaze and do a DIY job!

Keep your pots in their natural color, or give them a lick of paint if you wish. Remember to keep things non-toxic, as animals will be drinking from your creation.

All you need to do is stack pots on top of each other until they reach about waist height. Put the saucer on top and fill it with water. Place your birdbath in a sheltered area with branches and foliage around it giving birds are place to escape to should anything come hunting.

3. Side Table

Source: Amaryllis/YouTube

A coffee or side table made from an old terracotta pot would look particularly cool on a porch, patio, or outdoor lounge area. The pot you choose can be one that is already beautifully patinaed or one that you might paint to match your decor.

Whatever you choose, you need to have a sizeable pot. There is the option to stack a few together, but you don’t want the ‘tower’ to be unstable. One tall pot alone would be much more stable. Again, much in the same way the birdbath is made, you can use a terracotta saucer as the tabletop, but remember that unless it is glazed, any moisture from cups will soak into the clay.

Alternatively, if you have a few simple woodworking skills, you can cut a tabletop from an old piece of plywood or any other flat sheet of wood that you might have lying around.

Be sure to secure the top of the table to the pot pedestal, as you don’t want your drinks and snacks to go flying should the top of the table tip over.

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