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Changing Big Food to Fix the Food System: Kelly Swette on Building a Modern Plant-Based Brand and Selling to Nestlé

In this episode, I speak with Kelly Swette, CEO of Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods.

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About Kelly Swette

Kelly Swette, CEO of Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods is an innovator and culinary explorer. Her mission: challenge the status quo by taking plant-based foods mainstream. Her secret weapon: taste!

An engineer by training, a marketer by trade and a foodie by love, Kelly has worked for some iconic and innovative companies: from Baxter Labs, Pepsi Cola, where she was Director of National Sales, to Calvin Klein, where she was head of Global Marketing.

She is always experimenting – in her kitchen or garden at home with Brian, two boys, a dog and six chickens. Kelly’s passion is cooking amazing vegetarian meals and hoarding cooking magazines and spices; but, she also finds time to coach an underwater robotics team and support local charities.

Why You Should Listen

The plant-based food space is growing in popularity and increasingly, players in Big Food are taking notice. In our conversation, Kelly talks about her incredible journey with the company and her unique take on everything from the importance of fresh ingredients and bold flavors in food to the recent acquisition of Sweet Earth by food giant, Nestlé. Kelly also shares some of her branding expertise and advice for new companies. She delves deep into issues the company has been faced with during their growth and openly addresses the concerns that many consumers have raised about being bought out by Nestlé. 

Kelly’s ultimate goal is to change the food system and make convenient, sustainable, and healthy foods the new norm – to do that, she believes you have to change Big Food and from the looks of it, Sweet Earth is doing just that.

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