The world’s oceans are teeming with life. Although we rarely get to witness the beauty of marine life from land, when you dive below the surface it can seem like you’ve been transported into a whole new, alien world. While many of us never get a chance to see these natural wonders first hand, we can get a glimpse into this fascinating place by watching this video.

Looking at starfish and coral reef at an extremely high magnification, this video is sure to make your jaw drop. Although these marine species are breathtaking, they are also greatly threatened by human activity. Between ocean acidification, caused by the ocean’s absorption of man-made carbon dioxide, and the 270,000 tons of plastic pollution floating around, there is a real chance that these amazing creatures will go extinct. There are around 22 species of coral reef that have been placed on the endangered list and if levels of pollution continue to rise, many more are set to join these soon.


We can all help protect these amazing species by lowering our carbon footprint and reducing the amount of plastic we use. These creatures are far too incredible to lose because we couldn’t clean up our act.