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Lina Oliveros, Wildlife Rescue League


A native of Colombia, Lina is currently a member of the Wildlife Rescue League board in Virginia. Some of her past experience as a Park Ranger at the National Park Service (NPS), Chesapeake Bay Office, included managing the Chesapeake Youth Corps, Youth Program and Partner Network, the latest in a 14-year professional career in programs and grants management. She was an active member of the NPS team that helped conserve, interpret, and provide access to the Bay’s special places. Her ability to integrate youth projects with jobs skills, outdoor recreation, access, and stewardship has allowed her to lead a network that collectively completed 244 restoration, conservation, outreach, and interpretive projects from 2012 to 2015. Fluent in Spanish, she represented the NPS Northeast Region in the Latino Employee Resource Group and was a member of the Department of the Interior Hispanic Employees group and the Chesapeake Program Diversity Team. Lina has a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Florida International University. Her life goal is to help organizations, individuals, and communities to make environmentally sustainable decisions, to focus on conservation and wildlife efforts, and to promote diversity, outreach, and education.