Life is tough enough in the ocean without having to deal with plastic bags and fishing hooks.

It’s very often we hear how our exploitation of the ocean harms the creatures within it. Oftentimes, it’s images of distressed dolphins and sea turtles that come to mind, but the the ocean is part of the grand ecosystem, and what harms the ocean’s creatures is bound to harm non-marine life in time.


This video, coming from Wildlife Aid, tells the story of a Yellow Legged Gull who came to rescuers with a hook stuffed down its throat. It’s a hair-raising series of moments in the operating room, but eventually the doctor is successful and the gull receives a much-needed rehabilitation.

Some parts are hard to watch, but it’s all worth it for 2:45, when she finally gets the hook, and begins to pull it out!

As is usually the case, a happy ending came because committed, compassionate people were involved. Humans may have been the ones to cause this problem, but they were also the ones who put it right.

We’re still learning how to best take care of our oceans, but as long as there are people willing to take action, life in the ocean could get a lot less dangerous.


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Lead Image: Shutterstock